coughs and sneezes

Has anyone else found they pick up every cold going?I finished chemo nearly 18 months ago but every few weeks I start a cold,sneezing then settles on chest for a couple of weeks then goes away for a few weeks then off we go again!I am asthmatic too which doesnt help.I did mention it to onc in July and he said only worry if cough stays for more than 3 weeks and even then it is unlikely to be sinister.It is a very chesty cough and it doesnt keep me awake/wake me up except maybe once when it is at its worst.It doent sound like any sort of mets does it?
Thanks Vx

so no more frequent cold sufferers?

Haven’t quite finished chemo (had last one but going through side effects now) yet so can’t help, but I would have thought that afer chemo we probably are a bit more susceptible as our immune systems have been attacked.
Hope your chest clears up soon


Hi Horace

I haven’t had chemo but radiotherapy and surgery. I have come down with the most horrible throat/mouth infection ever since treatment. I can only think it is because I am a bit low in terms of my immune system and picked up an infection. I would imagine that we are all “low” because of not only chemo but because of sugery, radiotherapy and above all, the shock of diagnosis??

Hi Horace!

I haven’t had chemo, but a friend who has had it now seems to catch every infection going. Her onc says that her immune system throughout her entire body has been “stripped” and she will get everything going around for some time to come!! She has side effects from the drugs given to help the 1st lot of side effects, as she got arthritis from the chemo drugs. Sometimes the treatments seem as bad as the BC!

Hi redders and cathy its good to know I am not alone.Thanks for your replies.It is pretty obvious even to me that this is all down to a compromised immune system.I feel really wretched this morning yet feel guilty moaning about cold/virus symptoms when others are so very ill.I will see doc tomorrow and take it from there.Love Vx

I had laryngitis which lasted 3 weeks and put this down to my immune system still not being right a year after chemo ended. But my oncologist was surprised by this and has taken some blood tests to see whether this is the case. I must remember to chase up the results!
Hope you feel better soon

Saw GP this am dx chest infection and prescribed antibiotics.See onc 5th Nov so will discuss it with him.Last time[July]he seemed pretty sure that the taxotere could compromise immune system for up to 3 years!Still worrying though.Vxx

More joys of taxotere! Hope the antibiotics sort you out quickly horace.


yes Horace I ave had a cough for three weeks now. It is slowly getting better but like you am worried about things I would have hardly noticed beforte all this palaver.Plus I never had a chesty cough before. I probably wouldn’t have counted the time I hadthings either. Now if a spot doesn’t go away or a pain is there I always think the worst. I have just seen this post as have been away love Eileen ps I have very dry skin as well after having a greasy skin all my life.

I too have had regular colds, a dose of the flu and a chest infection since finishing chemo and radio about a year ago. I’m only 29 and have always been pretty healthy, so it’s very demoralising to keep on picking illnesses up - any tips for boosting immune system? I’m on tamoxifen. Vix x

I have had a chesty cough on and off since the end of October. I just can’t seem to shift it although cough linctus does help. I finished chemo January last year and rads end of February. A couple of weeks later I picked up a cough that took about 2-3 months to clear. This cough I think I picked up on a flight back from holiday (I always seem to end up with a cold after flying!).
Other than the cough I am not too bad so not too worried - my oncologist checked my lungs in January and had no concerns. Just frustrated that we have to worry about every little thing!

I’m 18 months post chemo, 10 months post Herceptin. About 3 weeks ago I picked up the mother of all flu and I’ve only just got over it. This is the first day I’ve not felt exhausted. Last time I had flu or a cold was about 2 years before I had BC.

Hi all,
I am 12 months since WLE, I didnt have chemotherapy but did have rads, tamoxifen and am having zoladex, I have had a cycle of colds turning into chest infections since November now. Three lots of antibiotics, one lot of steroids and a chest x ray later and surprise surprise the week before my zoladex here comes a cold again, I used to get the odd cold but never more than once a year. I have just put it down to low immune system. It is starting to get me down though, I cant remember the last time I slept through without waking coughing and spluttering. GRRR!!! another irritating symptom to deal with along with the hot flushed blah blah blah!!! sorry to go on. I am eating fruit and veg like its going out of fashion and bags of spinnach so it shouldnt be lack of vitamins. Perhaps I need some sun to boost my vit D!!!
S x