could do with some advice re: post op

Hi gang

I’m a bit miffed. Had surgery 2 wednesdays ago and stitches removed 21/10/09. Woke up in a pool of blood (well some!) that night and hot footed it to A and E. Well that was a big mistake as was left on a plastic chair for 3 hours with no one checking on me. However, the Doc eventually told me it as old blood, and had a good squeeze of my boob with his bare hands, using a non sterile paper towel to mop up the mess (are we in England?). It was dressed but now I have removed the dressing and it has started again!

I’m a nurse so have some knowledge. I feels that it needs to come out so have stuck a dry, absorbent and sterile! dressing on it. Being Saturaday, no BCS available and no way will I return to A and E. Does this sound like the right plan of action? I don’r have a temperature.

Julia xx

It does sound like it needs looking at.Can you phone the ward where you had your surgery? They may be able to see you or advise you.
Good luck.
Love n hugs

I’ll try that. So darn tired and cant face being dragged up there tho!

Julia x

Hi, sorry to hear you are having problems. Could you maybe contact the ward you were on for the op? are they open weekends? I havent had my op yet so i dont know if its normal, i guess you would expect some leakage. That doctor sounds dreadful, it doesnt instill confidence does it? Being a nurse too i have had moments were i have thought thats not right and was too polite to say, but i am starting to tell people now when i am not happy with what they have done.
take care

Spoke to on call Doc and he thinks I’ve done the right thing, just to be aware of infection.

Julia x

Hi Julia,
Hope this helps you as I had alot of leakage after surgery, and I remember waking up and the bed was covered in blood. The advise I got from my breast care nurse was that it was normal for some women to leak as your body needs to get used to reabsorbing the access blood, they wouldn’t drain it as it would refil again. It did leak for a while and I had a DN that come everyday to do my dressings (but in the begining I had to change it a few times a day).
It will get better and the bleeding will slow down and stop.

I hope this helps
Take Care
Samina xx

Forgot to say, it sounds like the leakage is a haematoma. I have made a complaint about casualty. I trained at that Hospital and they have gone downhill!

Julia x

that sounds horrendous ! It’s a good job you’re a nurse and have some idea what to do . Sounds to me like you have done the right thing. I hope it clears up soon.

I remember your first posting a few weeks ago, when you had just been diagnosed. You have done so well and come so far since then. Have you had all your results yet? Do you know if you’ll be having chemo and so on ?

Take care

Anna xx

Hi Julia.I had the very same thing after I had my stitches out,had a major explosion of gunk ,like something out of a horror movie. I had a swab taken by nurse at surgery to check there was no infection but given a course of antibiotics to be on the safe side,two days later I had another major explosion and went to the nurse each day to get “milked” eeeeewwwww. Got a big supply of dressings from them and it did get less and less over a week,my swab ended up being clear but just watch yourself if you start with a temp or start feeling unwell get to hosp. Good luck.

Sandra x

Thanks Sandra.

Mine is a slow but steady trickle. I think I’ll do my own squeezing!

Julia x

Hi Anna.

I’ve had WLE, as you’ve probably guessed. I have grade 3 and stage 2. Had lymph node clearance and it was in one. Due to see Onc team on 6/11. Cant wait to start chemo, if you know what I mean, and dont want this haematoma to delay anything. Will be having rads after chemo. I consider myself to be so lucky as I have lost very little of my breast, though probably still swollen.

Julia x

good for you for keeping such a positive outlook. I did not need chemo but I know there is plenty of good advice on here about it; I hope it goes really well for you.

Looking at our pics, you, Sandra and I look like 3 sisters or something!! Three good-looking brunettes, LOL!! ALl about the same age as well, I think !

Anna xx


Thats scarey! I must confess, I’m now a blonde, soon to be a baldy, and I’m 42. I’m really not fussed about the chemo, helped by the positive attitude of all on this site. I’m sure that will change when i’m worshipping the porcelaine God!

Julia xx