Could i have skin mets?????

I was dx in Aug 08 with IBC,triple negative, big tumor and ,19 nodes cancerous chemo didnt work. I had a mastectomy 4 weeks ago. I have noticed about 4mm away from my scar there is a red raised spot, it looks like 3 spots together,looks angry and i think its getting bigger.
Could this be skin mets? Im so worried i dont know what to do…

Any advice would be very welcome…


Hi Shell
I just thought I’d post to say that as you are so soon after your mx maybe your skin is still reacting to all that has happened to it?

Could it be possibly spots due to sweating? I had red spots on my other breast (under the breast that were sweat spots, I used talc and it cleared up). Could it be an insect bite? Is it itching, painful or sore?

Have you started rads yet?

I am the worlds worst at thinking the worst, like you I also had IBC and know it is a constant worry. Can you speak/see your BC nurse? When is your next appt, maybe you could keep an eye on it if its not too long?

I am 4 months post mx and still find the area is bruising, painful, sore and generally uncomfortable, so I think it takes time.

Thinking of you and hope you get some reassurance soon.

P xx

Hi Peacock

I have just seen my GP as i was worrird sick.
He says it isnt an infection or anything due to surgery,as i have IBC it could be skin mets,there is more than 1 patch now iv looked properly.He couldnt comment…
My doc says i will have to wait to see what the CT scan says tomorrow and also what the scan shows up with the 2 nodes i have raised in my neck.
I will let you know how i get on.
Hope your well


Hi Shell

So very sorry you have this worry. I think your GP has done right in referring you swiftly for a CT.

Hope you soon have an answer.

Jane x

Shell - hope that you get some answers as soon as possible…

I’m another IBC person - had my mx in late november, and finished my rads last month…
I know how you feel with IBC almost waiting for something to happen… I have been having problems the last few weeks with my lungs, being breathless and finding it painful to take more than quite shallow breaths, i had to have blood tests to see if it was a blood clot or anemia, and last wed had a chest xray - i got the results this morning and the chest xray was clear - but i was so convinced it was going to be bad news…

Fingers crossed for you…

hugs theresa x

Hello Shelly,

I have skin mets along my scar line (I had IBC).

Mine are raised red bumps, a little like heat bumps.

Could yours be scar tissue?

Are you seeing the onc when you have your CT tomorrow. If not I would ask to, hopefully he can reassure you.

Take Care,
Jackie xx

I’m glad that your Dr has reacted quickly, and just want to wish you well for your CT scan tomorrow, We know with IBC that we must be more aware of skin changes but let’s hope that your worries come to nothing.
Good luck, will be thinking of you
P xx

Hi ladies

My Ct scan turned out to be only for measuring my chest for Rads, i was sooooo annoyed.I told them about my neck lumps and red patch so they got me in to see an Oncologist,good job they did.
My raised red patch is skin mets,he says i have a hardness in my chest which looks like the cancer is back.he said it was in my chest muscle and probably lymph nodes in my neck. I have to have a biopsy on Friday and a detailed CT scan in about 2weeks time.
Life is so unfair…


Shell so sorry to hear your news… :frowning:


Life is unfair, and I’m sorry to read your latest news.

However, I have had skin mets for over a year now. I want to ressure you that they are not life threatening. There are many treatment options available, all of which may work for variable lenghts of time and are not neccessarily invasive. Feel free to PM me if you need any inoformation.

Jackie x

Shell, I don’t know what to say, what a horrible time you are having so soon after your original dx and mx too.
Just to say that I am thinking of you, as we all are and Jackie’s positive words will be an encouragement to you.
S*** happens and it really is unfair.
Big hugs xx

HI girls,

I noticed a few raised lumps over my mastectomy scar about a month ago and when I saw my surgeon who is going to do my reconstruction she didnt seem too concerned. They seem to have got worse but are more aggravated after a bath. Its strange that I woke up with these bumps overnight, could it come on that quick! Ive had a ct scan so awaiting results monday. I thought that all was going so well and have just had date through for pre op for reconstruction. Trying to stay positive about things, but so difficult. xxxx

Hi there
not sure if u saw my post on the other thread yesterday? I had skin mets + had a bad time getting my team to take my concerns seriously, so I try to advise everyone on here with concerns to be as assertive as possible because it can spread fast.
As I’ve mentioned, they won’t show on a ct scans so u must request a biopsy. It takes 2mins + u will know either way in a few days. In most cases it’s nothing but if it’s something then u want to know sooner not later.
Was ur cancer hormone / her2 pos or triple neg? Skin recurrences seem most common amongst ibc ladies + triple negs but I know a few her2 ladies on here with skin mets too.
Please pm me if u have any q’s but if the area has been suspicios for a month I would prioritise that biopsy.
Good luck
tina x

Thanks gingerbud for the advice. we will be careful and active on what you say.