Could it be lymphoedema

Hi all, I was diagnosed in May 2008, lumpectomy then mastectomy, chemo, rads now on tamoxifen. I have noticed that there is a small redness on the bottom of what we call dog ear. I do have some cording under my arm and it doesn’t lift as high as the other one. I was wondering could it be cellulitis or lymphoedema starting, no other problems. Thanks junieliz

I have no medical qualifications but understand that lymphoedema is severe swelling of the affected limb.It is still early days and your arm is bound to feel heavy and possibly numb in places. I would mention it to your GP or Breast Care Nurse if only for reassurance.

Good luck,

Hi Junieliz

When I developed lymphoedema last year, it did start with swelling- in my hand and elbow area and a general heavy feeling-hard to describe, but the area felt noticeably different and odd.
I have had cellulitus since and was very unwell-it wasn’t easily mistaken for anything else- temeperature and general unwell feeling were my first symptoms before the rash and I knew it wasn’t right. Getting antibiotics quickly did the trick.
I agree with Alex that it would be worth mentioning it to your BCN
(or GP-some GPs know about lymphoedema and related cellulitus, my experience has been that not all do) to get some reassurance and an expert opinion.

Take care
C x