COuld it just be cyclical pain?

hello everyone, I’ve just been to see my GP as I’ve been concerned about breast pain. I’ve always had cyclical pain that has been a nuisance but is “normal” for me. Lately I’ve been worried as my right breast is more painful (also tingling, burning, bubbling sensation weird!) than the left so after many months of worrying (I know stupid me!) and a total meltdown at the weekend after reading bits on the Internet and on here too I went to get checked out.

The GP examined me and said she could feel no lumps but because of my anxious state she would refer me to a one stop shop to get a mammo and ultrasound etc etc. she said she was 99% sure it wasn’t BC as my pain isn’t focused on one area. Suppose I should feel a little relieved but I don’t. Ive read lots of threads on here but just wondered if anyone else was in a similar “boat”…

I’m filled with admiration reading the stories on here. Some amazingly strong and supportive life stories which are great. I’ve done the whole “google” thing and scared myself senseless which is just stupid I know but you just want to look for answers to make yourself feel better.

I have a whole new sympathy for people who suffer from anxiety. I’ve lost my appetite, I’m not sleeping. Everything looks grey to me now. The waiting is just awful. Keep switching my phone off so that I resist the temptation to research more. My partner is really worried, his mum had BC (a survivor for 20+years amazing woman) but his aunty died of it. My dad is dying from a cancerous brain tumour . Bloody cancer is just everywhere. I have definitely been doing a lot of irrational thinking lately.

Sorry for rambling folks. Just wanted to get a few things off my chest (excuse the pun!) x


I am in exactly the same position as you. My appointment is on Monday and it cant come soon enough.

I, like yourself have been obsessive with searching the internet, looking for clues to what is going on with my body, worrying myself silly I have a breast infection, a nipple that is has inverted more than usual, discharge and breast pain in my right breast that feels like i have been stabbed with a hot iron rod. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2010, so been sending myself crazy by researching to see if there is a link.

At least your gp listened to your concerns and has referred you to a clinic. Dont be shy in telling the consultant about what is on your mind and your fears of what you think is wrong. At least then they can look into it and reassure you xx

Hi helenbutterfly

Sorry to hear that. That’s the sad thing isn’t it? So many of us worrying ourselves senseless. Bloody cancer is evil!!!

My appointment is yet to be arranged but will be within two weeks. We are lucky in that sense that the referrals happen pronto and usually you get an idea I the result the same day.

You just have to try and stay positive and keep busy - my house has never been so clean and organised! I find nighttime is worst. Just can’t switch off my brain from these negative and irrational thoughts .

Everyone keeps saying to me that 9 out of 10 lumps etc are benign etc etc. and that pain is not usually a sign of BC. My GP said she had never seen a 34 year old present with my symptoms and have BC but because I’m in such an anxious state she would refer me anyway.

Sounds like you’ve had a traumatic experience already, life is so cruel. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers.xx

Thanks poemsgalore, really kind of you to send us a message. I’m going to try and just make the most of the next two weeks while I wait - keep busy and try to think positive. At the end of the day worrying wont change the outcome.
Stay strong ladies, will update this thread as things progress xxx

Cancer is evil bearandmelon. My appointment is exactly 2 weeks from when i saw the dr, however it feels like a life time ago since i walked into her office. I am only 36, with 4 young children and cant help feeling it will be slightly unfair if i am dealt the awful disease again. Fingers crossed its nothing serious. You will have to let me know when you get your appointment through and i really hope all is ok. Just try keeping ourself busy and hopefully it wont be long.

Poemsgalore, i never learn, i used good old google the last time and it made me feel exactly the same as i do now. I dont think i could find anything more, the worst thing is, i have familiarised myself with ultra sound images, just like i did the last time :frowning: xx

I think my last post may have gone adrift. Bearandmelon, i really hope you receive your appointment soon and that your mind can be put at rest. I am 36, so a similar age to you and can understand the worry you are going through.

Poemsgalore, i never learn, google made me feel bad the last time, now i feel worse, however today, on a positive note i have refrained xx

Hello Everyone
Been for my scan this morning and they found small cysts in both breasts which do not require any further attention… PHEW!!!
I can honestly say I’ve never been so afraid in my whole 35 years of life. It was such a relief and I would encourage anyone to go and get checked - just in case. I left this problem for far too long and I am ashamed to admit that.
Wishing you all the very best on your journeys ladies. You are truly inspirational and thanks again for your kind and supportive comments.

Hi bearandmelon,

Thats fantastic news, am really pleased for you! At least you can breath a big sigh of relief! If you find anything new, make sure you get it checked straight away xx I get the remainder of my results on the 21st. Fingers crossed, Take care xx

Will have everything crossed for you and your remaining test results helenbutterfly. You take care of yourselfxxx
I hope to find the balance now between hypercondria and ignorance. This has made me really reflect and if I had a concern in the future I will be down to my GP pronto. All the very best xx