Could this be bone mets?

I have just seen this new forum topic and am hoping that I might be able to get some information/advice on bone mets. I was diagnosed six years ago this month with triple negative cancer with node involvement. For the past couple of months I have been suffering from discomfort and a strange ‘tight’ feeling at the base of my neck and between my shoulder blades. At first it was mostly at night and I thought that it was the way I was sleeping - tried more/less/different pillows but this didn’t help. I now have the problem during the day as well. I don’t have any pain as such, just a dullish ache and this weird sensation of tightness. I was wondering if anyone who has been diagnosed with bone mets has had the same symptoms. I do have osteoporosis of my spine but have not previously had any problems from this. It’s so difficult knowing when to be concerned about symptoms and what is just part and parcel of getting older and general wear and tear. I don’t usually go to the doctor unless I really have to and don’t want to be for ever crying wolf but I do realise that I am at quite high risk of developing secondaries. Hoping that somebody might be able to give me some advice


The only possible advice if you have had a symptom that has persisted witout improvement for 2 weeks or more,is to see your doctor and have it checked.I am triple neg too and you cant be too careful.It actually sounds like arthritis to me but you need to find out.I had awful upper back pain for almost a year post chemo but as it was worsened by lifting a toddler I was told chemo had caused a degree of atrophy in my muscles which would correct itself in time.I have no pain at all now.Do get it checked.
Love valx

Hi Annie

I agree you should get your symptoms checked out but would suggest you go back to your breast clinic rather than your GP. The clinic has far more expertise about breast cancer recurrences than a GP.

Hope you will be reassured.

best wishes


Hi Annie

I agree with Horace and Jane, to be truthful I read this thread yesterday and it sounded like how I am feeling right now. I took the advice and booked an appointment at the hospital, its next Wednesday. I bet the symptoms pass now!

Annie get in touch with the hospital, its never a waste of time to have your concerns looked into, you’d kick yourself IF and only IF it was anything brewing that you ignored.

Take Care

Thank you all for your advice. Funnily enough since I wrote this post my neck and back have improved - although maybe thats just psychological - a problem shared etc.! Anyway have decided to phone tomorrow to see if I can get an appointment at Oncology clinic. Thanks once again for the support

best wishes


Hi Annie

Did you phone? I hope so

Hi, i was dx in May 2007, had 8 chem, 3wks Radio, Bilateral mastectomy in Nov 07 where it was revealed that 9 out of 16 lymph nodes were involved. I am currently on Armimidex and have just finsihed Herceptin as i am also HER2 pos.
Since late January i started with what seemed to be a bit of a stiff neck, just at one side, this developed to both sides and is very painfull that i now can hardly move my neck, left to right or up and down. I have been to the doctor who gave me some cream to rub in that contained diplaphenic ( don’t know how to spell that) this didn’t do anything apart from give me a rash and brought me out in raised spots (boils) The doctor has now given me some anit-biotics has he says the spots are an infection but that they are not caused by the cream. I am now on stronger pain killers.

Reading your threads i am wondering whether i should ring the hospital as my GP doesn’t know what my neck pain is, he hasn’t even examined me.

You should definitely ring your hospital - not that i think its definitely a problem, but your GP sounds pretty hopeless to be honest, its been going on for a bit, i would get it properly checked out,


I have done the deed and rang the hospital. They told me i shouldn’t have left it this long and gave me an appointment to go for some checks and x-rays on Monday. Neck is still very painful even with all the painkillers that i am taking. Personally i am begining to think that it may be the arimidex that i am taking.

Hi karen
Good luck for mon. hope your fears come to nothing but it is good to check it out.
Dee x

Thanks Dee

Just got back from the hospital and my doctor doesn’t think that my neck pain has anything to do with the Arimidex that i am on, but he’s sending me for an X-Ray and MRI so have wait for an appointment to come through in the post which should be in the next couple of weeks. I have an appointment to go back and see my doc in 4 weeks time for the results. At the minute i don’t know what to think, but my positive mind will keep on working. (hopefully)

Hi Again

Afraid its not good news. I had an MRI on Tuesday which showed that the cancer is back and in my bones, which the bloody thing has gone and made one of my vertebrae collapse. I am due to have a full body MRI on the 28th followed by full body CT Scan on the 6th May. Have a another week after that for the results but on the upside i am started some sort of treatment on the 7th May.

I would like to say that i am so thankful that this website is available as without it i would probably still been going back on forth to my GP who seemed quite happy to make me rattle with pain killers without even examining me or taking into account my previous cancer. When i read this thread it made me do something about it.

It wasn’t the result i was wanting to hear as it is incurable but at least i can start the treatments to try and control it.

I am still remaining positive but it seems that the family have taken the news very badly.

Thank you again Breast Cancer Care

All my Love

Hi Karen,
I was told yesterday that my cancer has returned. I have it in one vertebra and my GP has referred me back to my oncologist. I was diagnosed with primary just over 4 years ago. Let’s hope we both get through this ok.
Best wishes

Karen and Kelley - sorry to hear that you’ve both received bad news…:frowning:

It is so bad that gps continue to take previous bc so unseriously :frowning:


Ive also been diagnosed with bone mets in my shoulder. Thank goodness for my check up at the BC clinic. My GP had been treating it as a strained shoulder/frozen shoulder. Im now on Xeloda.

Margaret C

hi karen, kelly and margaret,

I am so sorry to hear your news. I assumed as this thread hadn’t been updated you were okay.

Hope your treatment plan goes well.

Hi Everyone

It sounds like we have have a lot in common Kelley, so far the scan has only shown up in one of my vertebrae and its collapsed. Been fitted with a lovely neck brace today, so attractive so i’m thinking of painting some pretty flowers on it or something.

I can’t believe your GP has been the same with you Margaret what is happening to our so called health service. If it wasn’t for this forum by the time my GP did anything the cancer would have probably taken another couple of my vertebrae. Think we need to do something don’t you!

I am still remaining positive and taking each day at a time as the long waiting game has started. Will have all results from another MRI, CT scan etc on the 13th May so at least then i will know what they have planned for me. Had a meeting with Spinal Surgeon this morning and will meet again after the results to find out if he wants to operate or not. Not too sure of that idea. But on the upside at least with all the appointments i’m being kept busy so not had any time to dwell on things.

Stay positive guys and keep us informed how you get on.
Big Hugs to Everyone
Karen x

Hi Karen, Kelley and Margaret
So sorry you have to join the mets club - the one none of us want a membership of. Glad that the info on here helped you get a dx, Karen, even if it’s not what you wanted to hear - and believe me I certainly didn’t want to hear the ‘secondaries’ word last year with my dx. I have bone mets as well - hip and 1 small bit on 1 vertebrae. I had chemo last year (as I also have a local recurrence) and have been on hormone treatment since then. My scans continue to show healing in the boney bits and shrinkage of the lump so there is hope out there for you all. Please feel free to ask any of us questions about treatments etc - we’re a knowledgeable bunch (have to be really!). It is such a shock getting a secondary dx so don’t expect to get your head around this at the moment. Families are also affected badly which don’t think is always appreciated by other friends etc that you have. Take care all of you and hope all your treatment plans are sorted quickly - it helped me start to deal with my situation once I knew what was going to happen.
Nicky x

Hi nicky thank you for your kind words.
Kelley and i are still playing the waiting game at the minute.

Seen a spinal surgeon but he’s not sure whether he wants to operate or not and is waiting for the MRI and CT scan results which i will receive ont he 13th. Development lower back pain which seems to be worse than the neck pain i have. The pain is that bad that i have been reduced to tears.

It sounds good news that your noney bits are heaing and the lump is shrinking. We all have hope.

On the upside, Lee my partner and i have decided to tie the knott and are setting the date to get married at the end of next month.

Hugs to you all
Karen x

Hi there,
Karenr - just wondering what your scans showed up?
and BTW congratulations on your wedding!
Clarabelle x