could this be bone mets

I was diagnosed with Lobular breast cancer, grade 2, 1 node positive this time last year. A couple of months before this diagnosis I woke one morning to find I had a painful bruise on the top of my arm. I hadnt done anything before going to sleep to cause this so I was mystified as to how I got the bruise. Anyway roll on to two days after my core biopsy the same thing happen again. This time the bruise was bigger and more painful. When I mentioned it to the surgeon he said that this sort of thing can happen after a biopsy so I just let it go. I finished rads 4 weeks ago and I have had a sore shoulder as expected. However two days ago I woke again to find a painful bruise in the same old place. This time the pain is worse and gets even more painful when I do something with the arm. It could be connected to rads but what worries me its exactly the same spot as the other times and the pain is different. The area feels hot and the pain sharper. I had a CT scan when first diagnosed which came back clear so it couldnt be mets, or could it?

Grateful for any info and advice

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Hi I have recently been diagnosed with spinal mets. As far as I know painful bruises are not usually a symtom of bone mets and they tend to appear in the core body i.e. the spine, ribs and pelvis rather than the arms and legs. CT scans will showup bone mets but usually if they are suspect ed a radio-isotope bone scan and MRI are used as diagnostic tools.However that is not soy that this could be a possibility. I expect you are due for a check up at some point in the near future so raise this again, if it is a while why not phone your BCN - she will organise a quicker appointment for you if necessary.
My rule is - if in doubt check it out.
Good luck - Jacquix

Hi Swanie, thank you for your reply. I am really sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis. I have an onc appointment on the 8th April so I’ll wait to see how the pain progresses or if it goes by then. Its reassuring to know that my symptoms are not common with mets. I guess im atypical of someone finishing treatment and fearing the worse. Thanks again x