Could this be bone mets??

Dx with right lung mets 4 wks ago and have an appt tomorrow with Onc for all results (including bone scan results) and treatment plan.
However this morning ive woke up with pain in my left hip and top of femur. Feels sore to lie on but havent felt any pain here till now. Ive taken 2 paracetamol an hour ago which has taken the edge off it a bit but i can still feel it slightly underlying.
Would bone pain come on as suddenly as this if its mets or is it a gradual thing?
Something else to worry about now ;-(
Bev xxx

Hi Bev, . As you’ve had a bone scan and get results tomorrow I think it’s best to wait till then. Yes it could be bone mets but it could be numerous other things too - ie it was a hot night, the covers were off and you’ve got a slight chill from sleeping in an awkward position - sounds bizarre but could be the case. I have bone mets and wake most days with odd pains but find they ease throughout the day. My latest scans show healing and nothing new so I think it’s just par for the course and my mind playing horrible tricks on me.
Bev tomorrow you’ll get the answers and will get your treatment plan. It’s such a difficult time and I find the most worrying but once you do know then you can begin to deal with.
I hope you are focussing on your holiday today to keep your mind occupied. Huge hugs Bev - one more day till you get answers.

Take care,

Thanks H. Im trying not to dwell on it but cant seem to focus on much else. Its so hard. Ive taken 2 paracetamol plus and 2 ibuprofen but i can still feel it nagging at top of hip. Can it really come on that quick…literally overnight?? I didnt go to sleep till gone midnight as i was watching the documentary about Kris the young girl that started Coppafeel. I didnt have any pain then!

Just wanted to come on to say that the days before scan results are hell. My aunt calls it sweaty palm time. By now you’ll have your results Bev. I hope they’re

Hi Bev, glad the anxious wait is over and at last you know what you’re dealing with.  It seems to me you’ve made a good decision to go with cape - the peachy tablets.  I had IV Taxotere and struggled with it but have been on cape for 20 cycles with bearable side effects. (Let’s face it, nothing’s perfect)  However it’s taken 2 dose reductions to get it working satisfactorily - before that the fatigue was not good.  No one can say whether you’ll do better to go away now or delay your holiday, but if it was me I DEFINITELY wouldn’t go away without full insurance cover - far too risky.  Also I’d be in too much of a state wondering about starting treatment and what the untreated cancer was up to!  Since you asked the question - yes, I think you’d be well enough to travel 14 days after last cycle ends, and if it was me that’s the option I’d go for.  Especially as you’ve checked out flights, apartment etc, and it’ll give you a chance to make sure you have the right insurance in place.  Good luck and remember there’s no right answer, you must do what you think is best x

Thanks LovelyM. Well managed to get full cover for secondary bc with Eurotunnel Ins. Got european annual cover for me and hubby for only £71.50 !
Decided to go on monday…after speaking with onc. He was happy for me to go now i had the insurance in place. I did ask wd it make any difference delaying 2 wks but he said no… It wasnt as if i had a raging disease rapidly spreading through me…his words!
That was worrying me a bit. I just thought aug may have bn a bit too hot and i may have been bit photosensitive after the chemo…who knows?
I will be starting chemo now day after i get back so wont have to wait long. Glad to hear the side effects are minimal. When u say 20 cycles…over what period was that? Do u have long breaks in between?
Bev xxxxxx

Sorry forgot to add…because ive had 2 really traumatic procedures within less than 24hrs of each other only last week (bronchoscopy and a polyp removed under a general…together with the emotional distress the last 5 wks…i just feel exhausted and too drained to face more treatment like chemo in a few days! Im sure after 2 wks relaxing i will be fitter to face the chemo. Xxxxxx

It sounds as if you’ve made a good, well-thoughtout decision.  I hope you have a fab fortnight away and are able to leave the disease behind you…you don’t say where you’re going - somewhere hot obviously! As far as my treatment goes, the 20 cycles are from December 2012.  I started off 2 weeks on, 1 off but after 1 cycle the dose was reduced and I changed to 1 week on, 1 off, with 4 weeks = 1 cycle.  Since then I’ve had 1 more dose reduction.  I know many folk have trouble with sore hands and feet but I haven’t experienced that - my main problem is with fatigue, which is something that has plagued me since secondary diagnosis in Feb 2008.  I’m also on lapatanib tabs daily and zometa infusions every 8 weeks.  About once a month I have the trots and extreme fatigue, meaning I have to spend a couple of days in bed but normally other than that I’m reasonably well.  I hope it suits you too and does the trick with the cancer.  Give yourself lots of time to rest over the next few days as travelling can be pretty exhausting too.  Have a great time x