Could this be the great thaw?

Here’s some hope for those with peripheral neuropathy.

I’ve had numb feet for over 3 years now and was led to believe that it would be permanent however, am glad to report that feeling has returned in the tops of a few of my toes over the past month.

Here’s to the reversal of neuropathy!

Hi Dahlia

I am so very pleased to hear this news my love. You ok generally?

Much love


Hi, hope you dont mind me poppin in, but always good to hear good news and progress, i have had a numb leg with pins and needles since my op in may , but thought it would be due to being on back for hours in op , already diagnosed ages ago with sciatica. My sympoms are now fading

great to hear you have improvement. onwards and upwards

take care xxxx

That’s very encouraging news. I still can’t feel my toes properly from taxol 2 years ago - I’ll look forward with hope to getting them back!

Great news Dahlia,thanks for posting,I’m only 5 months post chemo so I guess I’ll have to be a little more patient.

Love Little H xx

Oh wow Dahlia-as you know I am about 6 months behind you-finished taxotere May 2007 and still have some pn in fingers and toes.Interstingly my onc told me it could take 3 years and now you have given me some real hope :slight_smile:


It is a pleasure to give hope.

I’d have gone loopy if my fingers had been affected too - no baking, no knitting, no typing on the PC perhaps although you seem to manage alright. Just a case of adjustment I suppose.

I get pains in my finger joints “thanks” to Arimidex but it is not remarkable really.

Big toes have started to thaw now too, it’s amazing and more weird to be honest than when they started to go numb.

I might be able to wear shoes with heels one day, when I grow up!

wonderful news and great hope. I finished chemo almost two years ago and lost feeling in my feet and hands. Walking is fun when there’s a kink on the ground … I fall for all sorts of people! I have found that, with perseverance, I can now knit, albeit slowly, as long as i watch everything i do. The thought that this may not be permanent is just wonderful, thank you so much
x x x