Could this pain be secondaries in my humerus

I was diagnosed 6 years ago, had lumpectomy, chemo, radiotherapy and hopefully everything on the up. I am well and trying to put it all in the past.

However I have had a pain in my upper arm for quite a while. I get horrendous pain usually on sudden movement, putting coat on, reaching up, behind me. It actually makes me double up and my arm goes really weak. It is now waking me up with a throbbing and I can hardly move it in a morning.

Originally I saw my gp who said it was probably muscular and gave me ibuprofen, even though I only got the pain on sudden movement.

I then had appointment at breast clinic and mentioned it there as I thought it could have been lymphodoema, (no swelling) they dismissed it.

I have now had this pain about 10 months and I think it is getting worse, any slight jerky movement and I feel sick with the pain that only lasts a minute.

A thought has just occurred to me that it could be secondaries in my arm and I am horrified to think it could be this.

I have final appointment with my oncologist on Thursday. Does anyone think I should ask this question?

Many thanks in advance

I have pain in my wrist very similar my GP has dx acute tendonitis and signed me off work for 2wks…but like you I have that niggle at the back of my mind.

If I was you I would definetly ask your oncologist on thursday.


Hi, citylady

Yes, definitely ask the onc. He’ll probably send you for an xray there and then. It’s spread to my bones and I have tumours on my left humerus. They’ve pinned it now as the bone went very thin. Before dx, I couldn’t use that arm at all but it’s much better now after chemo, the pinning and rads. Still can’t change large duvet covers, mind you, or do the ironing, cleaning and windows, but that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Every cloud …

Anyway, good luck on Thursday. Never ceases to amaze me that the medical people don’t really listen. 10 months is a long time to be in pain and you shouldn’t have had to wait this long. Let us know how you get on.

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

Hi Citylady

I have recently been to my GP with a pain in my arm which sounds just like yours although it is’nt on affected side and she said it was muscular because I use it much more than I usually would. I was given ecoxalac pain killerrs which were briliant although after a couple of months it come back, she now thinks a course of physio might help have you thought of that? it might be worth a try .

I would still mention it to onc on thursday though.


Forgot to say before. Prior to dx I was told I had fibromyalgia and there was nothing they could do, just take painkillers and get rid of stress. I ended up having acupuncture, which helped a bit. My arm was fairly useless by this time. The Chinese doctor asked if I wanted a Chinese massage on it so I said okay. I’m sure that did more damage. Ever had a Chinese massage?? Not like our massages, not that I’ve had one of those either. They’re really rough and she said back in China they put people over their back and drag them around, and she said even the men scream out in pain!! Anyway, with my arm, she pummelled it and pummelled it and then did chopping motions on it, right on the sore bit! How on earth my poor humerus didn’t break is beyond me.

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

Thanks all. I wil tell my onc, Im just one that never complains really. They say ‘how are you’? and I say ‘fine’

Its my last visit too - just my luck

I will let you all know how I get on.

Just adding my bit to this, I was originally diagnoised with mets to the left humerous and bc all at once. Definitly mention it, (without trying to scare you, the pain you describe is very similar to what I went through) so please tell them and say you want an xray at the very least.


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Hi there

I too have a pain in my arm and shoulder which sounds exactly the same. The oncologist sent me for a CT scan which showed nothing (except cysts elsewhere) there and it was diagnosed as tendonitis. I will need a steroid injection but not until I’ve finished chemo (I’ve had 6 out of 8). Like you I was convinced it was bone mets and worried myself silly.

Hopefully yours will be nothing but mention it to the onc.

Good luck


Hi all,

Well I’m back from seeing the onc and everything went well after worrying myself silly. I described the pain in detail to her and asked if it could be secondaries. She said it was a possibility and sent me for an xray.

When she received my xrays she said there was absolutely nothing on them that she could see and said it was probably muscular. With my history, even though was a grade 3, 1.6cm, clear margins, no lymph node involved she didnt expect anything. She will wait for radiologist report but was sure I was fine.

I would just like to thank everyone on here especially Pineapple for their reassurances, you all helped me sleep at night.

I just wish everyone could have the same outcome.