Could this pain indicate bone mets?

In 2011 I had a dx of 43mm grade 3 node positive 14/22 ER4 HER2 positive invasive ductal carcinoma.  I had an mx, FECT, rads, 18 x herceptin and am still on Tamoxifen.  In April I developed shoulder pain on the same side which now seems to have spread to my upper arm.  The pain is not constant, it presents with certain movements or sometimes just flares up and is enough to make me catch my breath but not reach for pain killers.  Since diagnosis my reaction to most changes in my body has been to wait and see but the pain does seem to be getting worse.  I haven’t been able to discuss this with anyone else and I have a 10-day wait to see my GP which even given the symptoms and my history, I’m hesitant to do as the thought of having to go through more tests, unsupported is making me want to dive under the duvet.  I’d be really interested in hearing from anyone else who has been in the same boat. C8 

Hi Childno8

If you would like one of us to talk to you, then to give the Helpline a call this afternoon that will be quicker for you, we will be able to post a written response to you tomorrow. 

Best wishes


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