Could you please tell me if this is normal

Hi everyone

I wonder if you could give me some advice. I had my final tests on Friday which were core biopsy of both breasts. I had initially been told that I would only be having a biopsy of my left breast, the one which I noticed a change in but following an examination the consultant found an area she wanted to biopsy in the right one too.

Today, not only do I have a horrible and quite intense pain in my left breast but I also have a blood stained discharge from my nipple. I am presuming this is normal and as a result of the biopsy but the consultant didn’t mention anything about bleeding.

The right breast although quite bruised is not at all painful.

Thank you for reading my post and thank you in advance for your advice and words of ressurance.

Bev x

Hi Bev

I had biopsies on both breasts but I did not have bleeding after although I did have a problem with the wound closing before starting chemotherapy so ended up having stitches. I would definitely have this checked out if only to give you some reassurance. You can call the BCC hotline if you can’t get hold of anybody now and want to chat to somebody.

Best wishes

Ruby xxx

Hi Bev

I think I would ring the breast care nurses at the clinic. I had 7 core biopsies and didnt have any bleeding from nipple but maybe it depends on where the tissue was taken from. I would mention it though.

Take Care

Yvonne xx

Oh gosh, I was scared you would say that. But thank you all the same, I do appreciate your help. The pain is driving me mad, it seems to be spreading to around the side of my rib cage just under my armpit now too.

I will now talk myself into giving someone a ring.

Thank you again

Bev xx

please go ring now …just in case
they clipped a blood vessel by mistake when they biopsied me

love Valx

Hi Bev,
How are you ?
Hopefully it was nothing serious, silly is much better than serious, but it sounded a bit worrying, let us know how you got on.
Hugs Val

The core biopsies are not pleasant. I ended up at A&E a few days after mine on a SUnday morning.
On the day of my pre-med, the nurse mentioned to me ‘that sometimes we do more nasty things to people while they are awake than when they are asleep!’

The core biopsy for me was not an experience I would like to go through again - I think that the anesthetic didnt get to the parts it needed to - not sure if they was because I was clamped into a mammogram at the same time. But I felt it, and they would have had to peel me off the ceiling if it wasnt for the clamp on my nipple!

So, it would not surprise me if this is related to your core biopsy.


The side effects you have listed are very normal…I was warned about both after having my biopsy, the shooting pain was one i did experience and went on for about a week after! Don’t panic but do give your hospital a call if you’re worried.x.