Counting from when?!

I tried to clear up the confusion in my mind, as to when you count from, for the “1 year on, 2 years on, 3 years on, etc…!”

Asked the breast surgery team and they said… we count it from surgery, after all, that’s when the cancer is cut out…

Asked the oncologist a week later and he said… we count from the end of treatment! So I mentioned what the surgeon said and the oncologist replied that the surgeon probably knows more about the breast surgery, but that they know more about the cancer…

So… I’m either 2 yrs 1 mth on (post-surgery) or 1yr 4mths (end of treatment)

So… no clearer and still confused!
Hey, maybe I should count from halfway through treatment, i.e. average out the two opinions :slight_smile:

Ali x

We usually count from the day of diagnosis.
Alli x

I was told from the day of surgery by the oncologist.


I asked this at my recent checkup and was told “it is arbitrary but we use date of diagnosis”.

Any date would be just as arbitrary wouold it not?


The day of diagnosis for me was 8 days after surgery on account of the cancer not showing up on any of the tests and the tumour being hidden a by a fibroid I had removed as a day case. All a bit confusing as in my case everything happened back to front and the diagnosis wasn’t expected.

Hi, I am in the same boat as you had the biopsies, mamograms etc all came back ok, went into day surgery and came out with a much bigger incision than told to expect then waited 7 weeks for the diagnosis which as in your case was completely unexpected. 4 months after that went into hospital to have lymph nodes removed then 2months after that radiotherapy.