couple of things...

hi all
well my d day so they say is on 25th june…
ive noticed over last couple days my nipple doesnt stand out as much, more sunken in… kinda puttin this down to breast swollen maybe? sorry if tmi x

other is ive had my sis with me every step of the way but now my other sis wants to come to the results, i dont know what to say or think to this. Having more there feels like will be bad news… well in my head it does. Im trying so hard to think positive right now but my family history mades it flippin hard to do. I keep thinkin if havent had a call in n just got standard appointment cant be bad news… well i hope.
Others wanting to come now has thrown me for a loop
what would you do xxx

Hi Susie, None of us can know what we are likely to be told (you know I didn’t get what I expected) but to have people with you is important. I am sure you sister isn’t having a sixth sense or anything but just wants to support you. i will be keeping my fingers, toes and bra crossed that you get the results you want.