COVID 19 injections ?

Good morning all.

Just passing on a tip given to me by my Oncologist.

When you have your date for your injection, start to take paracetamol on the day and for 24 hours after. This helps with any side effects. I had my vaccine last night and I just have a bit of a sore arm that’s all this morning.

Im sure you will have been given this information. I wasnt and had to ask! I wanted to know if it was safe to have the vaccine on the last day of my Palbociclib cycle as my immune system would be at its lowest. I was assured it was fine, I just won’t get 100% immunity from it until my next injection. Need to stay safe and carry on safe distancing and shielding. 

Take care all 

Gill xx

Hi Gill

Thank you for sharing this, I’m sure many will be grateful to know this, including myself. Haven’t got an invitation to have it as yet but will follow this tip when I do.

Kind regards.

Hi paris

thankyou for that good advice,I’m having my vaccine this Saturday I will be on week three of palbociclib so not to good for immune side of things I have read it would be best to have on your week off but my oncology nurse informed me it was ok to have at any point in the cycle,she said it was more important to have it than wait for timing.

Im having my first scan the next day so was concerned if it would be ok but that’s fine too.

I feel better now I have cleared these matters ,but it is quite worrying when we have had no trials done on these vaccines .

I will remember to take the paracetamol and hopefully have few side effects !

take care 

Maisie xx

Thank you for the advice re paracetamol. I had my jab yesterday and actually took ibuprofen which I find works better for me. Apart from some minor arm tenderness and feeling a bit tired and wobbly today I feel fine. I’m in middle of Palbociclib cycle so the advice re timing also was also reassuring :slightly_smiling_face: