Cracking noise in back

I had severe pain in my back about 3 weeks ago and had a chest xray which didn’t show anything new on the bones but showed I had fluid around my heart so have been on water tablets since my last hospital admission on 18th December. For the last week, when I take deep breaths I hear a cracking noise in my back but between my spine and my shoulder blade. We know I have secondaries in T5 to T7 and in my shoulder blade but not in my ribs on my left side. This is definately happening on the left.
Today, I’ve been in severe pain since a trip to Woolies this morning to hunt for bargains so I drove but sons carried the little I bought.
I’ve been to see the GP tonight who feels the pain is a muscle spasm so have been taking oromorph and diazepam but to little effect. Just don’t know what to do to get out of pain. Heat is helping a lttle but everytime I move my left arm, my shoulder is cracking and the pain is so bad and I can’t lean forward or back. Dreading trying to sleep tonight as can’t get into confortable position.
Last time, the oncologist said it was muscle spasm and it would go which it did but I didn’t have the cracking then.
Going to hopsice tomorrow so hope I can see someone there.
To make matters worse, the heating has broken down and my son has 2 friends sleeping over so sharing the double bed with the very active 8 yr old!!
Anyone else had cracking noises - I’m beginning to feel that something is moving. Not due to see oncologist till 8th January.
Hope the rest of you are faring better

Hi Kate…I used to hear cracking noises just after diagnosis and when I first laid on my back at night I could feel my whole spine move…I didn’t have any pain but it was worrying…I still get, feel, some movement and a little ‘click’ noise in my T-spine if I’m hunched forward. Do you have lytic or blastic mets? If blastic I wonder if a met is now pushing or clicking on a bone? I would think that could be very painful. Hope the hospice can help today. Perhaps some rads might fix the pain. Hope you get some answers. .Belinda…x