cramp in chest???

cramp in chest???

cramp in chest??? Hi everyone

not been on for a while but just wondering if anyone could help me with a question?

I had a mastectomy on oct '05, still waiting for recon. From time to time I get what feels like cramp across the mastectomy site - usually when I’ve been laughing too much, for some reason. I find it really weird and people are obviously concerned when I suddenly clutch my chest shouting ouch! lol. Bit inconvenient to rub it too!

Has anyone else experienced this problem, or am I on my own with this one?


me too That’s interesting Serenety, does it happen often? I had a mastectomy 3 years ago, and it’s happened to me twice, both times quite recently. The first time I was walking up a slope after finishing the Race for Life in July, and it really scared people near me.

The second time i was lifting a pile of clothes. I think perhaps both times I moved awkwardly. I’ve no idea why it happens, but it really hurts doesn’t it?

serenity05 ditto after mastectomy- but much more often- when undressing- always thought it was due to change of temp on skin. Later it happened other side too- 6 and a half years on don’t think it’s too sinister!, dilly

Hi 4 years on from mastectomy, I get this a lot when I’m undressing or picking something up from the floor. It feels like a kind of muscle spasm (which is probably exactly what it is!) and passes fairly quickly.

I posted this same thing on the other site serenity mine started just after christmas ,i am a year on since my mastectomy nov 05 and almost a year since my rads i was so worried about it but it does seem that it is quite common so feel much better now . if you go on the other site you will see lots more replies about it .

Dawn xx

thanks thanks everyone for your kind replies. I wasn’t really too worried about it, thought it was due to nerves in the area recovering or something, but it is a peculiar thing to have to explain to people when it happens. At least I know I’m not on my own with it.