Cream/moisturiser ?

My lumpectomy was just over a week ago scar looks really neat appointment with consultantis 23rd can I use bio Oil or some sort of moisturiser to help with scar fading or is it too soon. I am due to start rads all being well in about 6 or so weeks x

Hi Sue

When you start radiotherapy, they recommend using E45 cream and nothing else. I think be mindful of that. Maybe ask bcn first?

Sue xx

Thanks survwill perhaps what until after Wednesday x

Hi Sue, my BC told me not to use bio oil as it thins the skin. Think it needs to really heal well first. Also, if you are going into chemo you can’t have anything with additives. The cream my chemo nurse gave me is called Aveeno. It’s oatmeal based and is very soothing . I’m now having rads, and guess what? Can’t use Aveeno, but have been given Q10 cream! I think you’ll find that different hospitals have different preferences, so I would check with your medics . All very confusing. ?

Thanks Annie x