Creams for broken skin from rad burns

Hi guys. Just need some advice as it’s Sunday so no one at hospital available to speak to. Are there any creams you have been recommended to use once your skin has broken from radiotherapy burns. Just finshed 4 and half weeks of rads and my skin is now rebelling. So sore and uncomfortable

Hi I don’t have the answer but how about the pharmacy or out of hours gps? Hope it heals quickly for you as must be so sore. Take care. X

Hi, I have patches of broken skin and the radiographer gave me some dressings to use. They are called poly mem. Theft are a pink coloured thin foam dry dressing and they are working for me keeping the skin clean and dry. Hope this helps x

I was given Melolin dressings which you can buy from Boots .Use them shiny side down.

Thank you ladies. I’ve got some dressings just wondered if there was some cream I might need to stop the skin splitting everytime it starts to heal as that’s what’s happening on my lymph node scar

No ,used shiny side down they don’t stick.I ended up with an infection and needed antibiotics ,skin broke down really badly under boob.