crescent/Benelli lift

Hi everyone
Since bilateral WLE I have been left with Droopy and Perky. Apparently either of these two proceedures for Droopy will produce a bit of uplift and even up my boobs. Has anyone got experience of either of these ops?
thanks - grumpy

Sorry I can’t answer your question but I am bumping this so maybe someone else will!

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Bumping this again Grumpy in the hope that someone will be able to advise you.

Seeing the plastic surgeon next week about evening up Droopy and Perky, so any info about these two proceedures would be much appreciated.

Have now seen a fabulous plastic surgeon who has recommended a ‘lollipop’ op - this will resite the nipple and remove a bit of tissue from the underside of th breast with minimal scarring -RESULT
PLEASE EVERYONE IF YOU WANT SURGERY TO NUKED BOOB, GET FULL DETAILS AND AGREEMENT FROM THE ONCOLOGIST BEFORE YOU CONSENT TO RADS - otherwise you may be told that surgery is possible after rads, have your rads, then be told surgery is not possible after all

Hi Grumpy

Can fully agree with your last comments. We get told all sorts of things are possible, then once the breast has gone through radiotherapy, all of a sudden the list of possibilities is magically shortened!

I had the lollipop type op to the BC breast, to hide the mess that would have been left after removal of a fairly large tumour, then similar to the healthy breast to match them up. It has worked well, (although I needed lipofill as well to fill them out) but be warned that the scars remain sore for quite a while, particularly since they are in the natural fold line under the breast, so tend to get rubbed by bras.

Hi ladies was so pleased that I spotted this thread.Grumpy good that you have found a surgeon you have confidence in result indeed. CC thanks for the info
I am to have a reduction and uplift on the ‘good’ side and an uplift and reshapy thing on the BC side. I was due to have mammoplasty but needed 2 x WLE so this was not done at the time. I do agree about the rads issue. My PS has said there is the potential for poor/ delayed healing and poss infection on the nuked breast tissue_._ He will do a Wise excision which is a bit like and upside down anchor and reposition nipple/s as required. Think this sounds like the ‘lollipop’ op. So far I have a date for 9th Jan. J xx

Thanks ladies for your comments - most helpful and encouraging!! I was told from DX onwards that ‘we can put it all right after your trreatment’ then after surgery and rads it becomes ‘difficult’ then when we persist in asking, it becomes ‘not possible’!!!
This is ridiculous, and so STUPID - we need full information so we can make good decisions For two and a half years I was told corrective surgery was part of my t r eatment plan, and my entitlement… Certainly I would have refused rads until th e su rgery has been done if I had been informed it is not advisable after rads.
Once again, thanks for replying, it is MOST encou raging

Another factor I have discovered is that surgeons don’t like to admit that they don’t know something, whether it’s knowledge of a particular procedure, or that they don’t have the experience to do it. So instead they tell you that it in their opinion it isn’t terribly successful, or won’t work for you because…, and so on. I went through some of this with my original breast surgeon, who did a very good job under the circumstances of the original surgery, but seemed incapable of admitting when she didn’t know something. She then referred me to a plastic surgeon to discuss reconstruction options, and he was even worse.

In my experience it pays to ask lots of questions. Don’t worry about how much you p**s the medical “professionals” off, it’s your life, it’s your breast, you are the person who has the biggest invested interest in your well being! If you don’t get satisfactory answers, ask again, if you still don’t get the answers you need, ask for a second opinion.

Yes cheshire there is an element of this ‘putting you off’ behaviour from the medics, altho now I reckon I’m on the list of one of the very best plastic surgeons according to google.
I am very annoyed that it took two and a half years before I was told ‘we dont to surgery to irradiated breast tissue, and that has always been our position’ - this was never said until I got really really pushy and determined…
The first PS I saw was so casual that there was no way I could let him near my boobs with a scalpel, and the new chap (a delight)says that proceedure was not at all suitable!!! So it has all turned out for the best.
Of course we are deeply thankful that we are still alive and well BUT WE SHOULD BE GIVEN THE FULL FACTS AT ALL TIMES otherwise we cant make good decisions…
Water under the bridge now, so onwards and upwards for 2013!!!

Now got copy of the letter from PS to Oncologist - the technique he suggests is a Lejour incision and resiting nipple. Apparently this will remove a bit of volume as well, and so give a better result. Anyone heard of this, or had it?
Also got copy of letter from Oncologist to PS in which he says he has tried to discourage me from corrective surgery!!! He should have said all this much much earlier in the treatment plan when there could have been an alternative path…

And to cap it all, the PS waiting list is NOT 3/4 months as he told me, more like 8-10 months. Pooh!!!

Oh Grumpy. More waiting. :frowning: But at least you now have an agreed procedure and are on a waiting list! Hopefully, this time next year it will be done! Hang in there! (perhaps not the best phrase to use in the circumstances… sorry )

Morning all -
Going to consult a Personal Trainer (there’s posh!!!) about exercise to strengthen pectoral muscles on the Droopy side - maybe I can produce a bit of ‘perk’ if I work hard at it…
The only problem is that he’s a Young Man and may be embarrassed at tales of droopy boobs, but he will just have to learn. I shall approach this scenario as a ‘teacher’ helping the young on their way to a more informed life!!!

Got a cancellation appt for the op to Droopy, last Monday instead of waiting 8/10 months - HURRAY.
Just a bit concerned that the PS in his scrubs marked me up, told me what he was going to do 15 minutes later in theatre, then apparently supervised 2 other people to wield the scalpels!!! I know the consent forms permit this substitution BUT WE SHOULD BE TOLD BEFORE WE GO INTO THEATRE.

Just an update - 2 weeks on and everything is looking good, no pain, no bruising, scabs falling off, wound healed very well, puffiness reducing, so now it’s Double Perky…
Thanks for your support