Crew Cut Family


Following the clippering of my hair last Monday, as many of you know you step onto another emotional roller coaster!!!
One minute I am feeling confident, then exposed an vulnerable!!! Not nice at all.

On Saturday I wore my wigs for the first time!!!
Shopping during the day in a strawberry blond bob!!!
And in the evening the village harvest home in a long blond wig!!!
Again mixed feelings, although everyone said you look great, it takes some getting used to, and people that don’t know you are having chemo, do look at you a bit closely, because you have suddenly developed beautiful hair!!!

Did enjoy myself but also felt a bit of sadness.

While we were shopping on Saturday, my OH purchased clippers, I set loose on him on Saturday giving him a brilliant shaved look (which he has never had before), so on Saturday evening he did take quite a lot of the attention,

On Sunday my 17yr old son and my 12yr old son joined us.

We are now the crew cut family!!!

Bless them

Kim x

Hi Kim

Well done on the hair - strange isn’t it, and even stranger wearing a wig. Am still not fully used to mine yet, but getting there, but hate looking at myself in the mirror without it, avoid at all costs. I always think people can tell, but friends and family have reassured me it looks really good and not fake at all - so gotta believe them haven’t I!!

Try not to get too sad, as you said another step on the rollercoaster, but it does get a bit easier each day, don’t think will ever fully get used to it, but am coping and you will too. Take each day as it comes.

Take care

Bless you and your lovely family Kim!

How nice they’ve all joined you in your baldness! I tired to persuade my boyfriend to shave off his lovely blonde locks when he first shaved my hair when I started chemo in May, not a chance!!!

Take care and best wishes to the ‘crew cut family’,


There will come a time when the hair grows again and is longer than the men’s!! When it’s gone, just think, it will soon be time for it to come back and you will all enjoy that!!

Margaret x

Thanks Dawn, Kelly and Margaret for your comments.

Kim x