Critical illness cover recommendations?

Hi ladies, I stumbled on this forum by accident and I thought this might be the best place to ask my question (I hope it doesn’t upset anyone as that certainly isn’t my intention!)

First of all I need to say that I don’t have breast cancer (at least not yet). My mother has has breast cancer twice (once in each breast) - she was very lucky as the cancer was picked up on routine mammograms and she only required a lumpectomy each time. My aunt (mum’s sister) wasn’t so lucky. She had breast cancer which required a mastectomy but unfortunately it had already spread and she passed away.

Because of my family history I’ve got an appointment with the familial cancer unit at hospital on Friday. Anyway, I was thinking that I should take out critical illness cover and would like to start the policy before Friday (I know what insurance companies are like and I don’t want to risk leaving it and then if I do get cancer they try to argue it was something I knew about before I took the policy out, if you see what I mean). Also, I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old so want to ensure we’re covered financially if I do get cancer.

I’ve looked online at different types of critical illness cover and I know that if I did get cancer the policy would only pay out if the diagnosis met certain criteria. Anyway, I wondered whether anyone could recommend insurance companies who provide critical illness cover (or equally any companies you’d recommend to avoid)?

Many thanks in advance everyone and best wishes to all xx

Hi, i believe you may find that within the wording of the policy you may face exclusions, particularly if you take a policy out just before your appt… when my personnal situation changed i spoke with a financial advisor who looked at all policies available within my budget constraints and made recommendations not on the cheapest, but the best cover for me and my circumstances.
I would recommend honesty as if i recall correctly a detailed family history is requested.
Goid luck

Many thanks Lexilou3 and Bondgirl. Yes, I definitely would be honest when taking out cover about my family history. I’m 36 so I’ve not had any mammograms yet and health wise at the moment I don’t have any concerns. My appointment on Friday is to discuss my family history and to see whether I’m at an increased risk and if so discuss my options going forward, so I’m not anticipating undergoing any tests at that appointment.

I’d hope that if I take out cover now (and obviously be totally honest when completing the forms) if my circumstances changed in the future I’d be covered (subject to it falling within the criteria in the policy).

Would you recommend Legal & General Bondgirl? Which insurance company was your cover with Lexilou?

Wishing you both all the best and thanks again for taking the time to respond xx

I have nothing but praise for liverpool victoria, initially i didnt meet the criteria, but when histology showed a different picture i felt my hand was held throughout the whole process and they made it as simple as possible.
I took out policies when i became the solo provider for my household, 4 types of cover were discussed, to took (and paid for) 3 of them.
This was not easy, i am not wealthy, but it has made my financial situation easier. LV was not the cheapest offered to me, but my adviser highlighted the differences in the policies they looked at. These were taken out in 2009, the firm have improved cover since that date
LL xx

Hi, forgot to mention that my sisters form also asked if she had had any genetic testing. Not sure if just going for a chat counts.