Critical Illness Cover

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Hope someone can help??

DX in December 2010, In situ lump & Lymph glands cancerous, 1/2 way through chemotherapy FEC-T, then on for Radiotherapy/ Tamoxifen

Have started a claim in January, not heard anything yet, Surgeon & Dr have both responded to Insurance company, how long do these things take and should I hassle them??? (Feels like i shouldn’t)!!

It won’t make up for the lost months getting through this but it could certainly put a smile back on my fat bald face!!!



Hi, these things do take a while to come through! It was probably bout 3 months after i first applied until i got the payout!! Be patient, it is worth it!! It is something good to come from something horrible!! :slight_smile:

I agree… Be patient… It will come. I waited for about 3 months till final payout, all worth the wait but rather not have the illness. Life is for living… Go live it. Fingers crossed for you. Ring them to check

I also waited about three months x

I also waited about 3 months till we had the money!! It certainly doesn’t make up for what you go through but nearly two years on from hdiagnosis and just had my reconstruction 5 wEeks ago it has certianly made life easier for my young daughters and our families future!
I did hassle them constantly as it was something other than treatment to focus on
Take care nicki

The FSA have a time limit by which time payments must be paid… I am not sure exactly, but think its about 12 weeks. I waited 3 months also. On a positive note, they must pay interest on the settlement from date of diagnosis.

Mine was quicker, about 6 weeks form putting claim in.
You said your cancer was in situ, but lymph nodes cancerous. I know my policy stated that the cancer had to be invasive to pay out.
Worth phoning constantly just to nag them though, bit like moving house and having to pester the solicitor constantly to speed things up!
Good luck with it all x

Mine took just over 3 months from first application to payment. GP, breast surgeon and ONC all filled out forms. Like SarahBeara, my policy stipulated the cancer had to be ‘invasive’, so for once those bloody lymphe nodes actually helped my situation. However, I wish I never had to apply for it…
Good luck!
Nikki x

Mine has just paid out a full 5 months after I put the claim in. My policy too stated cancer had to be invasive. I found calling the insurance company very frustrating as I was not able to speak directly with the claims dept. They kept saying they hadn’t received the oncologists report which she sent 3x. In the end I had to get a copy of the report myself and send it special delivery so they had to sign for it and couldn’t deny receiving it.

Hiya. We have critical illness cover, but of course all the usual small print concerning whether invasive/non invasive etc. I had a grade 2 lump, HER2 positive, and am waiting to start chemo. I was lucky enough to have no node involvement…is that what defines it as being invasive or not?

If your cancer was IDC- Invasive Ductal or ILC Invasive Lobular or Inflammatory then it is invasive, nothing to do with lymph node involvement.

If your cancer was in situ, like DCIS or LCIS then it is not invasive.

Invasive means it could spread, not that it has spread.

Hope your insurance pays out.


I know how stupid I must sound, but I don’t remember anyone actually saying invasive or non invasive. What I know is it was a grade 2 and is HER2 positive and I’m having chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Herceptin. When I’ve been trying to find out more online, it seems to indicate that you wouldn’t have chemotherapy unless your cancer is invasive. Is that right? I’m going to phone my nurse in the morning, but now it’s in my head, I keep wondering. Why do questions always come up at a weekend, when you have to wait til Monday morning! ;o)

Hi Mads

The BCC publication ‘Understanding your pathology report’ may help you to understand more about your results, you can read or order a copy here:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/91/

Our helpline reopens in the morning at 9am if you wish to talk this through on 0808 800 6000.

Take care