critical illness cover

Not sure if I am putting this in the right place but hope someone can help. Diagnosis IDC grade 3 and DCIS is left breast so I understand invasive is the key word when making a claim.

Had anyone made a claim on more than one policy? I have already started ball rolling for a small policy with HSBC which was all very straightforward. However just spoke with AXA on a policy linked to our mortgage (we paid mortgage off last year but kept policy running) and as soon as I mentioned HSBC her manner changed. Have I shot myself in the foot??

I don’t see why I can’t claim on both as I have been paying premiums for over 20 years but I am now worried that AXA will decline and this is the biggest policy.

Had any had similar experience and what was the outcome?

Hi Helen, I work in a bank have limited knoweledge about ins policies, not sure you can claim policies vary, critical illness dosn’t always cover breast cancer, whilst its heart stopping for us, its not classed as critical, believe it or not, check out the wording of yours. Love Bloss

Thanks for your reply Bloss. I think the key word is invasive which mine is. HSBC have said it’s covered. Will have to wait and see what AXA say. Thanks