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My wife of 6 months was diagnosed with invasive level 2 bc 4 weeks ago. Ros has already had a mastectomy and has now chemo and radiotherapy treatment planned for her, along with herceptin.
Although there has been plenty of written material available, there is nothing like speaking and asking people who have been in a similar position questions to get an honest answer.
What are the chances our critical illness insurance will cover us?
I am sorry if this has been asked before as we are members of several other forums on different topics.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Martyn

Welcome to the forums, whilst you await replies you can use the ‘Search’ facility at the top of this page to look for previous discussions on this issue as it is commonly discussed, just type in ‘critical illness cover’ and recent threads will be available for you to read.

If you need any further information, advice or support please feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000 which is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

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Breast cancer if it is invasive which your wife’s definitely is is counted as a critical illness so it should be covered. I have seen on this website that there have been a number of women who have been paid out.

However, from what I have read a lot of insurance companies try and avoid paying up on critical illness if you have pre-existing medical conditions which you haven’t declared regardless of whether these are related to breast cancer or not. I know of one woman who wasn’t paid because she went to the doctor with back ache a few years before being diagnosed (she was around 37 years old at the time of bc diagnosis).

The latest advice on critical illness cover is to send the company a copy of all your medical notes at the time of your application. You can now get a copy of these from your GP


Just to say I had critical illness cover and my insurance company friends provident just paid out in full, which was lovely but no real consolation in the long run… claim took around two months and they asked for a letter from my surgeon and copies of my GP records.The wording on my policy said it only didn’t pay out for Non invasive breast cancer, if your wife (sadly) has invasive carcinoma then your insurance company will pay out. Good luck. Carrie

thank you very much for all your help


My critical illness paid out no problem at all. I thought I would have a fight on my hands as I thought I had forgotten to tell them about a previous fatty lump in the breast - but they paid out fine.

good luck



Goodluck and I hope everything will turn out alright with your critical illness cover claims.

To echo what everyone above said, I had critical illness cover linked to my mortgage with Legal and General. They were terrific. the policy clearly said it only pays out on invasive cancer. I had the policy 10 years. They paid out in about 7 weeks (having told me it could take up to 12 weeks) and paid me interest on the amount back tothe date of diagnosis.

Hope you are are successful in your claim

Sharon x

Hi there Martyn,

I had critical illness cover with the abbey on my mortgage in 2001, i phoned them about a month after i was diagnosed and filled in the forms that came purely because i thought if something worse happens i would have needed to have notified them of this diagnosis, i just posted it off and thought nothing of it for 6 months approximately, and then a surprise in the post came one morning, with the abbeys insurance company telling me the claim was valid and I would be paid out the full amount to cover the mortgage and to see my solicitor to do the arrangements for the house/deeds etc. They had obviously got all the details from the specialist at the hospital and been satisfied with the information.

Of course I was ecstatic about this, but be prepared for the emotional reaction to this by you wife as it was then that despite having chemo, radiotherapy, and a mastectomy that it hit home that i could have died, I wasnt exactly in denial previous to that, but you do keep soldiering on during the treatment, keeping going at the treatment you are having and trying to keep it all together at home, you seem to be constantly occupied with things in your mind, and its when it all sort of stops that you seem to have the time to think about what it really was all about. I was pretty down for some time after and kept reminising about my childhood and where i was bought up etc. I can see that now, six years after, but I didnt realise at the time just how hard it hit me, so, not saying this will necessarily happen to your Ros, but it might be something for you to keep in the back of your mind to be aware that a reaction may come out more then.

I do wish you both well, and a more healthy and happier new year to you both.

Kind Regards, Sheena.

My critical illness insurance paid out too. I thought I’d have to fight but no probs they paid. I had invasive grade 2 too. I had only had a WLE and node biopsy when they paid, since had mastectomy and the money has halved our mortgage. Takes the pressure off my hubby.
Good luck

Took about six weeks in all.

thank you all very very much for your replies. No doubt this will be the first of many questions we will have. Found a great deal more by using the search. Thanks again and what a great forum!

Hi martyn

Another positive story for you - my critical illness cover paid out, no problem at all. One little bit of advice, sedn them copies of everything you have, we even managed to get a copy of the original diagnosis from my specialist which we sent to the insurance company. Bombard them with all the paperwork you can and ensure you keep copies of everything.

I am sure yuor claim will be successful - at least that is one thin gyou don’t them have to worry about, its made a huge difference to us, no worries about bills, or my employer keeping my job for me.

I hope with all that i can thay your claim goes through easily and gives you a little peace of mind

Jackie xx