Critical Illness Insurance

Hi everyone

I was diagnosed in July with breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy in August. I am very fortunate that I did not have to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy as I caught it in time and it wasn’t aggressive. I had a critical illness insurance with Legal and General and I put in a claim. I have been to this website on numerous occasions and been very affected by all the problems that people have had with insurance companies who don’t seem to want to pay out and pick at anything they can to get away with paying out. After reading the posts on this topic I convinced myself that my insurance company wouldn’t pay out. Imagine my complete shock when I went to the bank last Saturday and realised that they had paid me £87,103 ! Could not believe it as I was not optimistic at all. My mortgage is now paid off ! Just wanted to give all of those out there who are struggling with insurance companies some hope - keep fighting and make sure you get what is your due!

Love to you all.

Carol x

Thanks Carol, and what great news, to pay off the mortgage!
I’m still waiting to hear back from my insurance company. Don’t hold out much hope but will keep fighting…

Hi Carol,
What great news for you and what a relief. My critical illness policy also paid out last year and I was with Legal & General too!!!
Jacquie- here’s hoping you get the news you want soon too…
Best wishes


I was with Norwich Union for critical illness cover (despite writing in the application forms I had a family history of bc - mum and 2 aunts had been diagnosed but for some unknown reason i was still accepted!!!) anyway they kindly paid out £80k which was 5 years ago when I was first diagnosed - I didnt pay off the mortgage I spent a bit doing the house up, bought a hot tub (which my ex now has as I felt guilty on leaving him for another man! lol! so let him keep it) and only have my treasured (now old) Audi TT left!!! but it was all worth it!!! wouldnt change my stupid spend for the world !!! just wanted to enjoy it and enjoy my life rather than care about the mortgage!! selfish i know but hey ho! So although yes its very wise to reduce or pay off the mortgage esp in todays climate I just want to say dont be pressured into anything do what you feel best with that money - treat yourself make yourself happy…enjoy life!!!


Great news! Standard Life have paid out on my Critical Illness Insurance.I got the letter today and the money will be in my account in a few days.
I was sure there would be some problem or other but no, its was straightforward and quick.
When I took out the policy I had real trouble getting it as I have a heart murmur,it doesn’t cause me any problems but some companies would not touch me!
I am glad I persevered! Mind you I would give the money back to have my boob back healthy!
Three cheers for Standard Life.


My policy ended literally days before my diagnosis!!! It’s never realy bothered me as initally I was too worried with my bad prognosis -and as the years pass I’m increasingly delighted to be beating the odds.Still here,still cancer free and still poor!

Josie x

Bless you all, thanks for your replies. I have to say it’s a shame that some of you have had their insurance turned down - these companies should be ashamed of themselves! I have spent a little of the money but mainly on my kids and my husband but I will treat myself very soon. I too would rather have my boob back and healthy but I suppose I feel as if it’s a bit of a silver lining if you know what I mean.

Keep fighting Jaquie, let us know how you get on.

Take care all

Love Carol