Critical illness payment denied due to family history

I have been paying critical illness cover with Liverpool victoria for over 10 yrs. i did not mention my mothers breast cancer diagnosis on the form as ths was not medically confirmed as she felt a lump 20 yrs ago and madectomy was done-abroad. No medical records present. Then my older sis just 6 months before my diagnosis she too was diagnosed with breast cancer. On my medical report my consultant has mentioned that my mother and sister have had breast cancer.
Should i have informed LV about my sisters recent diagnosis??
Now LV is wrotting to my gp with further information about my family history. I can sense a refusal. Anyone to help with ths??

Hi Shazza,

I think the fact your sister had it recently shouldn’t affect your claim.  Re your mum though, it’s a difficult one, although the fact she had a mastectomy does say that something was up - otherwise should would most likely had had just the lump removed - that’s the bit I think your claim may fail on.  You can try and fight this though and you should try as sometimes these companies do show a bit of leniency.  Good luck.

What the consultant wrote was that mother diagnosed with breast cancer at age of 42 but did not put more details. Probably i wont need to give details of her treatment???