Critical Ilness Cover - I didn't take it out, am I on my own.

When we took our mortgage out we didn’t take critical illness cover out and I could kick myself for it. The thing is you don’t expect it to happen to you especially when you are young. I wondered if I could take it out now or would I be excluded because I have had breast cancer. Anybody else in the same boat as me???

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you would be excluded from breast cancer now I should imagine unless you’ve got a kind that’s virtually 98% certain of cure e.g. grade 1 DCIS

I never took out critical illness cover at any point either, I just figured I was healthy and I’d never had any major problems. Not long before my diagnosis we binned our BUPA as well - we hadn’t claimed for over 10 years and it was costing us £750 a year. I didn’t get benefits either and we had just started a business, so my illness cost us 8 - 10k in savings last year and that was living frugally.

Thankfully, we don’t have a mortgage any more, if we had I doubt we would have been able to pay it. One thing being ill has taught me is that you should always try and have some savings put by.


I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer in March last year and found out that we didnt have critical illness cover.
We honestly thought we had it but I think it was an offer where we got it free for so many months and then it stopped rather than it carrying on and us being debited for the money.
I could have banged my head repeatedly against a wall when I found out. I was gutted.
I had been given 90 days redundancy notice the week before I was diagnosed so as you can imagine I was very fearful about our financial situation. I got incapacity benefit but it wasn’t much, so we had to really tighten our belts.
I was then diagnosed with secondaries in May this year and claimed on our life assurance under the Terminal Illness clause. They have paid out, so we have paid nearly all our mortgage off and kept a little back to buy a new car, had our garage converted & have some cash left for me to do the things I have always wanted to do while I still have the chance.

When I took out my mortgage I was refused cover because of a malignant melanoma (mole) and the mole was removed 10 years previous and no chemo, tablets etc…
So have no cover and no savings, god it is going to be a difficult fight in many ways but I will get there :smiley:

Macmillan give financial support, which may be worth looking into. They take income then take off bills like rent, etc and they help if this leaves you with less than £100 a week for each person living in the house. they also helo with car parking, buying a washing machine, having a break. You cannot have lots of savings, but if you had you wouldn’t need this. Most chemo units have leafletsand my BCN offered to talk about it.Also some people get a tax rebate if not getting wages.
Hope this of help
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Hi everyone

Here’s a link to Macmillan cancer support, the webpage you will be directed to contains information and advice about financial help and benefits available, they also have a helpline you may wish to call for more advice and you can access the number via this link too:

I hope this is helpful.

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Hello Ladies

Thank you for all your advice, I will look into it more thoroughly.

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Hi,I got diagnosed in July and yes,I had had it years ago,but never continued with it.yes you don,t think it will happen to you.We are renting,so I have been applying for everything.My husband is self employed too,so have had to get his latest accounts up to date first.He is trying to look after me as well.Things are very tight indeed,but hope to get my benefits soon.
I have just had surgery and have made enquiries about getting the Cover now.
As I am only 42 and although my mum had BC at 65[she passed away at 67]I have been told that there are companies out there who,upon a Surgeons Report,will give me cover.I have been quoted £25 per month.Better late then never,so as soon as I recover and get back to work,I am going to take out cover.Just to be prepared.

We thought we had cover on our mortgage but when we went to check and potentially claim the bank said it only covered the first person who signed the mortgage documents which was my husband. I was so cross to hear this

December, I couldn’t get benefits, but we managed to get Working Tax Credit due to my OH being self employed. This menat I could get free prescriptions as well and I was lucky enough to get free cavity wall insulation on account of the WTC last winter. This was months after I had exhausted every other benefit route and I only found out because of Macmillan as the DWP don’t tell you anything. We didn’t actually get it until I was at the end of chemo and we had to make 2 attempts as we were turned down first time.

I’m now self employed, but we are still entitled to get half of the WTC. Hope this helps as you have to try everything.

My critical illness cover finished a couple of days before my BC diagnosis- How’s that for bad timeing!

Dear Julie 10270

Thinking of you and hoping you are doing okay. I have just picked up on this thread. I was diagnosed at the same time as you. Your current situation is much bleaker than mine. Are you getting good treatment?

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