Crossing the finish line

When I was fist dx in May 2009, I had lots of support from ladies who were going through treatment and also from those that had crossed the finish line. So I wanted to give a bit back and share my elation at finishing my treatment and to offer any newly diagnosed ladies some reassurance that it can be done!

My world come crashing down around my feet when I was dx. 2 lots of surgery, chemo, rads and a year of herceptin later (see my profile for details) and I am out the other end. In some ways it seems like an eternity that I received the devasting news and in other ways, just yesterday. It has been a long hard road, with many ups and downs along the way (my family will vouch for that!!). I refuse to call it a journey as to me, that is a trip to the seaside!!!

This forum is priceless and I have made so many new friends along the way. For me, just to share experiences and know that I was not fighting this disease alone was invaluable. I think you will all agree, that unless you have been there and experienced the treatment you don’t really know how it feels…

So, to any ladies just dx or starting your treatment, it is doable, be kind to yourself and keep focussing on that finishing line!!


Hi Mods, can this be moved to “after treatment has finished”?



hi jayney,

thanks for taking the time to post. It does really help to hear from people who have been there, done that and moved on. The nature of any forum like this is that it is the people who need support at the present time who make up the majority of the users, and so by its very nature this site can give a skewed picture. Though common sense tells me this, emotionally i dont believe it, so its lovely to hear posts like yours. I am currently on rads, 4 down, 15 to go. Have done chemo and op, no herceptin but tamoxifen started,

thanks again


Hi Jayney

Thanks for the post. I still have one chemo left to do then its herceptin and rads for me too. I feel like I have a long way to go, well done for getting to the other side. Dx

Jayney well done on completing your treatments and a great big thank you for posting a +ve thread. I particularly liked how you do/did not feel that this was a journey because that is also a description I detest too. A journey for me is nice like a trip to the seaside not a trip down nightmare alley with blinking little light at the end on ocassions.I agree with Vickie that so often we ( regular posters )are in the thick of treatments/waiting for results etc so it is so good to get the balance with posts like yours. Thanks again Jackie

it is like a journey for me, as i get horribly travel sick on trains, buses, in cars etc etc so this is just another thing that makes me sick to the core!

so glad you found it useful, I really didn’t want to sound patronizing. I know to read positive threads when I was “in the thick of it” really helped my mental state.

Good luck all and keep on chuggin
x x

jayny,really pleased youve finished your treatment love you loads,the kettles on if you ever passin through xxxx

Hi jayney well done after doin chemo for 6months had a mx 2 weeks ago only rads to do you are an inspiration to us all knowing theres is a finishing line take care