Crystal Deoderant

Hi all,

Learnt of the above on a Haven Introduction Day and wondered if anyone uses one, what you think of it please?

I got one from Holland & Barrett and have used it for a few days but as it’s not really been warm enough to test completely, I’ve been relying on asking DH if it appears to have worked - IYKWIM :-~

I can certainly see the sense of avoiding aluminium-based products until the jury’s in and also, if it does work, it’d be really inexpensive as it reportedly lasts for months.

Comments & advice would be extremely appreciated. xx Chris xx

Hi, yes I started using one about four years ago after first bout of bc but never found them particularly effective sorry!! Would love to say it was brilliant because that would be really useful, but it wasnt. I have used various natural deodorants from organic/wholfooed places before now and some have been more effective than others. Its just finding one that suits you so you never know the crystal may even work for you. Good luck. Rachel.

Hi, I have used the pump spray crystal one ( I buy it from Boots) for years. I find it works fine and the spray lasts for about 12 months