ct and mri scans

hi is any one else scared of these as .these things are making me feel ill if i have to have them is there anythink i can take i hd one b4 my op on the 6th of march she said it wudent go over my face but it did :frowning: i am clostaphobic x

Hi there Quinny,

Is it the mri scan that you find difficult, its the noise on that one that I hate. I tend to do both with closed eyes and try and rrelax and just do as I am told. Have you tried rescue remedy from health food shops, I used to take it when I went to the dentist as I am petrified and even have trouble just booking an appoinment.

I wonder if you could ask your GP if there is a one off drug you could take to calm you before hand, be worth a try as I’m sure they would understand.

Do take care and good luck with the rest of your treatmennt.

Clare xxx

thank you potmaid i gonna ask on monday i think when go back 4 results on lymph nodes i did the one were it came by face with closed eyes .if it was 4 a few minuntes i could cope but it was 4 15 minutes .i dont mind the donut one as u can see thro that x

Hi Quinny,

So sorry to hear you are suffering doing these dam scans, just to clarify the MRI is where you go into the tunnel with the very loud boomy noise, the CT scan is the donut one, as Clare has said maybe ask the Doctors for something to help when going for these scans, my friend takes low dose diazepam when she goes to the dentist, which is a muscle relaxant if you do taket some then make sure you go with someone to the hospital as you wont be able to drive afterwards.

Sending love and light to you
sarahlouise xx

thank you sarah louise i will ask monday as go 4 my results on lyph nodes monday xx

hi Quinney
I am with you on the mri.I hate them and seem to have had a few lately.I just close my eyes and count down the minutes on each scan.The music they play is a waste of time as you can never hear it.On the letter I get from the mri dept it says to tell them if you are nervous or claustphobic and they will give you something to calm you,so maybe they can do the same at your mri scan dept.Just tell them,I am sure they are used to it.
Good luck with your next scan.


Don’t wait until you turn up for your MRI scan to ask for a tranquilizer. They might just send you away. As far as I know they will refer you back to your GP to obtain a prescription for diazepam or similar. My advice would be to arm yourself in advance and take the tablets the evening before as well as on the day.

Might be worth finding out if your hospital has a newer model. The newer versions are not as long and narrow, and much easier if you’re claustrophobic. Not so much of a tunnel feeling. Noise is still the same though.

If you don’t fancy anything like Diazepam, Rescue Remedy is really good. I had a lot of panic atacks at the end of my treatment and I found it helped calm me down a bit. Must admit I was really sceptical about it until I tried it for myself.