CT following Chest X-ray

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in May 05 and had surgery,chemo and rads. In June this year I had my ovaries out and had a lot of strange pains afterwards. I was seen by the onc and he thought everything was fine, but to be safe sent me for a liver scan and a chest X ray. The doctor doing the liver scan said she could see nothing. The chest x ray was four weeks ago and I heard nothing. I am due to see the surgeon for a routine check up on Friday. I am feeling fit and well now.
I had a phone call today to say that I was being booked in for an urgent CT but not to worry !!! I phoned my breast care nurse to ask for details. She said the xray report noted dense tissue and swollen lymph glands but that it may be nothing. I am now really worried sick.
Has anyone had something similar and what are the chances of this being nothing serious Have been told that an ‘urgent’ CT takes 2 to 3 weeks. I am already back to that pit of fear. I

Hi Alison,

I’m sorry I really don’t have any advice or words of wisdom for you but I wanted to wish you well for your forthcoming CT scan. I had one before I started chemo and the worst thing I found was having to drink the unpleasant tasting stuff they give you beforehand. Dilute it with LOADS of squash is my advice! It defo makes it more tolerable.

Easy for them to say you are to have an urgent CT but NOT to worry. Blimey, thats easier said than done. I think we all know only too well how worrying it can be waiting for scans and then waiting for results. I really do empathise with you.

Sending you a huge ‘cyber hug’ ((((((((((o)))))))))). I wish you well for the scan and hope everything is ok,

Take care and be sure to keep us updated,


Hi Alison,
I’m sure you are worried, but like they say it may be nothing! It does need checking though and a lot of the fear is due to the constant waiting and ‘what ifs’
I had a chest x-ray today because of a persistant cough and i have to phone for results on tues. Your mind goes into over ride doesn’t it.
I haven’t got any words of wisdom, but send you lots of love,
Julie x

Still Worried
Well after a worried time waiting I had my CT. They have just phoned with some results. There are some swollen lymph nodes in the Thorax, a small dense area in the lower lobe of one lung and a small lesion in my liver. They have said that these need further investigation, but have not said that these are metastatic. The surgeon says that as this is the first CT I have had that these may be have been there before BC and may be nothing to do with breast cancer.
I am now worried sick. I am now feeling pains in the chest area but hope this is psycological. I am going to see the surgeon and onc on Wednesday afternoon and find out the next step.
Can anyone offer any advice or comfort.

Alison - not much in way of advice I’m sorry, but just wanted to send you a hug over the boards as you’re having such a stressful time at the moment.

You don’t have to wait long to see your Drs so try (I know it’s impossibly hard) not to panic too much in the meantime. They haven’t given you any specifics yet and have said it could be unrelated.

Will be thinking of you on Wednesday. Please keep in touch with how you get on

Hi Alison,

you’ll get loads of support and comfort from everyone on here I’m sure. I’m afraid I can’t give you much in the way of advice but I am sending you a huge ‘cyber hug’ ((((((((((o)))))))))) and am hoping it reaches you safely.

I wish you well for your appt on Weds. I’ve no doubt the next couple of days will be horrid, waiting around, wondering what will happen next. I have my fingers and toes crossed that the things the scan picked up are nothing sinister and all is well. Please know that if the news is not what you want to hear then everyone is here for you.

Take care and be sure to let us know how you get on,


Sorry about all this worry and stress for you and hope all goes well on wednesday.
I have dense tissue in my lungs on the side I had rads - do you know if yours is on the same side of your rads?
Otherwise, all I can offer is lots of hugs and let us know how you get on.

just to say i am really sorry you have all this worry , i am thinking about you and hoping all is well
big hugs
galen xxx


Just wanted to say sorry too, about all the results so far, and hopefully they are not mets. So will be thinking of you and hoping with everything crossed that it is good news for you.

Take care and let us know. We are here for you whatever the outcome.


A huge hug to you Alison. Hopefully that will be nothing - we’ll all be praying and thinking of you.

Thank you all so much for your kind words and support.
This site is really a lifeline when you’re terrified. Now to try and get some sleep !

Hi Alison
Will be thinking of you on Wednesday do let us know how you get on. I agree this site is a lifeline.
I dont like people adding on ‘it maybe nothing’ i know they are being helpful and ofcourse they maybe right (please God they are) but i dont find those words helpful at all.

Loads of hugs for you

I went this afternoon and saw the oncologist.
He said he was not really worried about the lesion on my liver as it looked like a cyst. To be sure I am to have an MRI.
He was much more worried about the swollen lymph nodes in my chest. He seeed rather pessimistic but still said it was 50:50 as to whether they were cancerous. He has swapped me from Arimidex to Letrozole. I have to get more bloods done for tumour markers. He said he wanted a second opinion from another radiologist and then I am to have a ?thoracotomy to remove a lymph node. This will have to be done in Nottingham as we have no thoracic department in Lincoln. I am going on a cruise to the Carribbean with my whole family (already paid for !) in 4 weeks so this will happen after.
I feel really devastated. My husband and kids really need me, the same as for everyone else. He said to remain positive but I have turned into a half empty person. All bad news seems to drip feed in slowly.
I think I will go and see my GP and ask for something to calm me down as I can’t stop shaking. I feel a bit of a wimp as so many others are facing the same and worse problems so bravely.


You are certainly no wimp what you are going through is horrible and shouldn’t happen to anyone especially someone who is so young and with a young family. Go on your holiday and enjoy it with your husband and children, I know this is hard as it is in every waking thought and if your are like me you feel as though you are living in a false world. Try and not worry and be strong.

Now Getting Really Fed Up

This saga continues. The oncologist reviewed my case at the Breast Cancer MDT (Big team meeting). Opinion was split and it was decieded to ask the lung MDT to look at scans etc. Unfortunately my case was not put on the list until I phoned to ask what the delay was. Sorry, we forgot !!! The team has now met and said that “the nodule needs investigating by PET scan or repeat CT in 3 months” No mention of swollen nodes and no-one has ever said anything about a nodule. My oncologist "doesn’t think PET scans are much use " but I want some definate results. I am to go and see him next Wednesday.
Why all the delays. I want to scream at someone that this waiting is making me a nervous wreck. Nobody else sees any urgency and I seem to keep harrassing without any success. I don’t even know what the waiting time is for a PET scan.
I’m really pi**ed off that when I should be getting ready for the holiday of a lifetime I just keep crying and shaking.
Any advice ?

Hi Alison,

So sorry that you are having such a hard time, i have just been diagnosed and have all the scans to come so all i can do is send you love and hope everything turns out well for you.