Ct scan at york 10 days ago still not reported on !!!

Hi all I am waiting for results for ct scan thorax and upper abdomen I am 3 n half years since diagnosis and been having lots of problems a cough for 16 months sweats. Pain and in breast. Mild lymphodemia in arm and breast. Now pain in arm and numbness in hand and fingers so maybe carpal tunnel and lately numbness in leg so I am very worried and panicking that its back. But I’ve rang the doctors secretary and she said its not been reported on and when it has shel get the doctor to drop me a line. It’s now been 10 days is this good does it mean thers nothing bad or could it mean there looking into it further or is it just normal. Now have to wait into next week any advice appreciated. Rozita x

Hi Rozita

Whilst you await replies here you may find it helpful to talk your concerns over with one of our helpliners, they are on hand to offer you practical and emotional support on 0808 800 6000, lines open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Sat
Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Rosita


I’m sorry to hear you’ve been left in limbo. I had a CT scan some years back (not cancer related) and I seem to remember the results were at the respiratory clinic two or three  weeks later. Keep pushing for them as they should tell you those results whether they are good or not.  They won’t keep it from you if the results are good. 


Sending you hugs. I’m sure you remember from when you were first dx, that the waiting is the worst part. 


Good luck



Thanks I’m just hoping that not reported on means its ok that they’ve looked at it and put it in a pile keep telling myself. But it’s not working. Also I’m having an MRI on my neck on Monday evening so another wait!!! ? Rozita x

Hi…I also receive treatment at York.

I had a CT scan in May and after 10 days I rang my BC nurse who looked for the results and gave them to me there and then over the phone. They were quite good results. (No further spread)

About five days later I had a brief letter from my Onc. He didn’t ’ go into detail in the letter but said that they were encouraging and that he would discuss them more fully at my next appt, with him a few weeks later.

I got the impression that they might not have got in touch if I hadn’t … My GP tells me that they only receive the same letters as I do. My BCN asked if I had been anxious waiting for results???