Ct scan-problems lying down

Hi I was just wondering if anyone has had problems with lying down for a CT scan. My mum has not been able to lie down for about 9 months due to pain/breathlessness. The pain is now under control with painkillers but breathlessness has got worse. She has a CT scan shortly as a result and I am worried that she will get there and won’t be able to lie down. She has secondary cancer in bones. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Hi Tinkerb,

I’m sorry you haven’t had any replies to your question yet, but hopefully someone will now see it.  If you still find you don’t get any replies, give our helpline team a call and have a chat with them.  They’re here to support you and your mum through this.  0808 800 6000

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Jo, Moderator

HI tinkerb


this is a problem that I struggle with due to my bone mets. I am in a lot of pain and on a lot of pain meds. I have found at the hospital I attend they really do their best to make me comfortable. It might help to give the hospital/ct dept. and warn them ahead of the appointment. I don’t know what sort of ct scanner your mum’s hospital have, but at the Marsden they are very uptodate, and the scans take far less time now than they used to - less than 5mins.




Hi dawn and swanie. Thanks so much for your advice. My mum had the scan today and dawn you were right, my mum said that the people carrying out the scan were lovely and really got her through it. And swanie I will definitely pass on the advice with regard to the breathing techniques as I think this would really help her in her day to day life. Thanks again. Xx