CT scan results - disappointed

Hi ladies
Just been to see my Onc following my Ct scan yesterday.The good news is that it hasn’t spread anywhere else, the bad news is that the tumours in my neck look like they’re growing again!
Not the news I wanted.
I’ve had 9 lots of taxol and avastin and everything seemed to be going well ie lump in breast reducing and main lump on neck (which was so obvious) was reducing nicely.

I’ve been told to go back next week and they will decide on either more chemo or try radiotherapy. I never had surgery on my breast and now they tell me I’m unlikely to have it - as it is unlikely to serve any purpose. they won’t operate on my neck as they say its too dangerous.

Not really sure what I’m meant to be thinking or asking at this stage. I went into the meeting with my Onc so positive - he just didn’t come out with the words I wanted.

Sorry to twitter


just realised I’ve posted this in the wrong place - sorry