ct scans

hi is it normal to have ct scans before chemo treatment ?. the reason im asking is im due to start chemo on 17th feb was supposed to be 10th feb but oncoligist wants scans done first. orginally was told did not need any before treatment by different dr but oncologist said any cancer over 5cms was scanned . my cancer is grade 2 hormone pos 2/10 nodes positive size 6.5cm .can any body give me advice as getting totally confused and worried.

Hello Maisie - sorry to hear that you are going through this worry… i think part of the problem is that sometimes oncs do things differently so it may just be your onc’s policy to scan everyone with a tumour over 5cm… it is brilliant having this site for information but is also sometimes worrying when you realise that someone in a different part of the country is having things done slightly differently… (i am coming up to two years past diagnosis so now realise how much this happens…)

You could also try giving your bcn a ring and just explain it has left you concerned and hopefully she can say something to put your mind at ease…

Theresa x

I had ct and bone scans and snb done before neo adjuvant chemo this gives them an idea of what is going on before chemo then they compared it with scans 1/2 way through to see if there is a response.There was a good response so I felt reassured that the chemo was doing it’s job.

in our area everyone is scanned as routine - whole body bone scan,Ct scan, chest x-ray, ECG and many have an mri scan too. I think some oncs like a base level so they can see how well the chemo is working or any changes at a later date. Mine says he likes the full picture, some people on here never get a scan at all and their oncs say that is the right thing to do. I am being sent through all the scans again this month after being told everything is fine at my check up and again they say it is a routine 2 year check. I had a lumpectomy for a 2.3 cm tumour with no nodes and ER +, PR + .
As you say you have fallen into the routine category so I would try not to over think it, if you can. Although scans are a worry, they also make you feel good and reassure so much when they come back ok or as expected.Good luck with your treatment and hope it goes a s well as possible for you
Lily x

thankyou all for feedback it has reasurred me, i have had chest x ray ,ecg, and mri scan done b4 surgery in dec . so will try not to worry and hope they are pos results !thanks love maisie. xx