Curleycat60 are you home yet?

Hi Carole … just wondered if you were home and hoping that all went well. I have been watching to see if you post with your news.
Lisa doing really well 4 weeks after op … had some cording … tightening under arm but made herself do exercises and it now seems to be fine. Still doing exercises though. Consultant pleased with her new breast. She is still wearing surgical bra, he says it will give her a better shape in the long run if she perseveres with it. She drove car for first time this week. She has an appointment tomorrow (Weds 12th Dec) for planning of her radiotherapy to her back … where that secondary cancer was. He took a wide margin from that back area and it is a bit tender so she is a bit anxious about that. She feels so good at the moment though that she is disappointed that she has to start radio soon. She doesn’t need it to breast as no cancer left as he did the mastectomy and recon and no cancer in lymph nodes.
Also wondering how Julie is doing … if you read this Julie, Lisa and I have been thinking about both of you. When you are up to it please let us know and put our minds at rest.
Lots of love Sue & Lisa xx

Hi Sue,Lisa and Carole,
I came home last friday 7th, after 7 days in hosp.Unfortunatley was quite poorly post op, oxygen sats low all week so on o2 for 6 days, developed horrible nausea and vomiting, after pca was changed from fentanyl to morphine on sunday after op on friday 30th, then by tues developed a chest infection because i was on bed reat for 4 days post op due to leg wound, so had a horible time in hospital, i only walked round the ward for the 1 st time on thursday-day 6 , then was sent home on friday. Coming home has been my saviour really better for me psychologically, friends, mum and OH all have been fantastic, im so independant so this has been really hard for me.
my leg hurts a bit still, but im thrilled with my new boob, I had a TMG flap done from thigh muscle in left leg, right breast mastectomy.

So good to hear that lisa is doing so well, and thank you for posting her recovery, and your thoughts too as a concerned mum, my mum stayed for nearly 2 weeks,it must be difficult seeing your children go through something like this, its unfair for anyone, all we can do is deal with it the best we can, a cry is ok too.
I havent heard from Carole I hope shes ok, we were a day apart with surgery I remember.

Christmas lists have been ticked! thats one thing i feel on top of at the moment, you all take care, speak soon, night night
Julie xx

Getting a bit concerned now that Carole still hasn’t answered… its now Dec 18th and her op was Dec 1st. and she said she would let us know how the op went. Hope she is Ok. Maybe she just doesn’t feel like writing. If you do read this Carole we have been thinking about you and when you feel able please write and tell us how it all went.
Love Sue & Lisa
PS Got the Onc on Thursday to see what hormone treatment Lisa is to have and when she is to have a CT scan. Radio will start after Christmas … no date yet though.

Hi Sue and Lisa,
No sign of carole yet, this is a bit worrying.Thinking of you Carole sending my love.

Ive got my Onc chemo plan appointment on thurs start it in Jan 2008, 6-8 cycles, then Tamoxifen for 5 yrs. ho hum… stroll on summer! and a lovely holiday…

Blessings to you both, Im in london where are you?

Julie xxxxx

We are in Bournemouth Julie. Lisa had her 8 chemos during the summer ( she was diagnosed on May 3rd) plus she has implant of zoladex every month … that will be for 2 years then possibly tamoxifen for 5 years … will know more after tomorrow when we see Onc. I will let you know. Lisa was really good on chemo. Felt a bit nauseous for the night she had it and a little bit the next day but the tablets helped. Lisa was on the Neo Tango trial and had 4 sessions of Gemcitibine/paclitaxol and then 4 sessions of EC. It was the last 4 ( the EC) that made her a bit nauseous but nothing as bad as she expected. The first lot made her ache for the first week but again nothing too bad. Which chemo will you be on?
Yes we are getting a bit worried about Carole as we know how nervous she was.
Love Sue xx

Hi Sue and Lisa,
How are you doin,christmas plans underway I hope, and having the odd sneaky glass of fizz I hope too!
Im having 6 x FEC, starting in Jan,I just want to get it done now, its holding my life up!!! pleased with my new boob, tho I have a dent which is getting more noticeable as the swelling goes down, I understand that this is common and can be sorted easily later as a day case under GA, tho i dont want another anaesthetic for a while at the moment, Im still quite tired, and walking for long periods is a strain. Im looking forward to christmas and roll on the new year,
lol Julie xx

Hi Julie … i finished work today and now looking forward to Christmas and having the family around me. Lisa determined to try to forget if only for a shirt while what she still has in store although the worst is now behind her. Saw Onc yesterday and she has to start Tamoxifen but he said its Ok to not start for a week so that she can have Christmas without any side effects from the Tam. Then we await the appt to start radiotherapy.
So pleased that your boob is coming along OK and that you are pleased with it. Lisa still has one dent in edge of nipple area but the consultant said that this will come out more later but like you she is pleased with it apart from that and says that it doesn’t really feel as if it isn’t her old boob.
Have a wonderful Christmas Julie … still hoping to hear from Carole … let us know how you get on with the FEC. A lot of women are on that. The EC bit of course is the same as the EC that Lisa was on. You might get some nausea but just take the tablets which are brilliant. Lisa has been wearing the baker boy hats which really suit her and she now has quite a collection. She was determined not to let the hair loss get her down although at first it seems awful. She has always put a hat on and lots of eye makeup and dangly earrings. She got quite well known at hospital for her hats. She said the worst was losing her eyelashes but she just put on darkish eye shadow and it did make a diffrence. She finished chemo on Oct 1st and she now has long eyelashes, longer than before and thick eyebrows and is plucking them. She has quite a thick covering of dark hair but it isn’t long enough for her to not wear a hat yet although i think she could get away with it.
Lots of love to you … we are food shopping this afternoon! God help us!
Sue & Lisa xxx

Hi Lisa and Sue,

Just a quick late one to wish you and family a lovely christmas, and a new new year, thankyou for staying in touch and listening too, this site and meeting ladies like your selves is a god send to me. speedy recovery to lisa xxx have great christmas hon.

love Julie xxx

Hi Julie, Sue and Lisa

So sorry not to have kept you all up to date. Have had pc problems, no internet since I got home until today. I live in Aberdeen by the way.

I am delighted to hear that you are recovering well now that you are home Julie, sounds like you had a rough time of it. Lisa, good luck with the next rounds of radio. Wishing you both well.

My op went well on 1st Dec got home on 7th Dec, have had problems with fluid and still have fluid but they wont drain it off. gave the anaesthetist a bit of a scare he told me with my low bp and pulse but if I ever need another anaesthetic I will not be scared in the future. The nursing staff were excellent until the last couple of days. I was up and about on Day 1 post op and did well with physio etc but did have problems with allergy to dressings and painkillers, they changed the pain relief on Thursday and I ended up going from 6pm to 8am on just paracetamol which was pretty agonising for me. I am still in a fair bit of pain with a lot of painful contractions going on in my back and my new boob. I also have a lot of nerve pain all over the left of my back down to and including my bum, down my left side to the top of my thigh and also in my tummy down to my privates. My surgeon tells me that as I am petite he had to go in deeper into the back muscle and this can cause the nerve pain which may or may not disappear over time. I do hope that it does as that is what is causing lack of sleep for me. The muscular pain with the contractions is manageable but does wake me in the night. Julie I also have a dented boob, 2 dents but I have not asked them about that, maybe it will settle? When I saw the surgeon for my results, I was still very swollen and solid with no dents and still had no feeling in the boob at all. The swelling of the boob is only going down the last 4 days and my back is still mainly rock solid with some sponginess below the wound starting up just yesterday, I am hoping that is the fluid finally moving on and that when it does that I might get some relief from the nerve pain. It is strange but now when you touch the boob it feels like I am being touched on the back or under my arm at the same time, weird feeling.

Got great results tho which is wonderful, they found microinvasion at 2 areas and he sees me in 3 months time again and is certain that it won’t be back!!! So, so chuffed to hear that for sure. I now have a very neat 7 inch diagonal scar to my back, a messy drain wound in my lower back (got one drain out on day 3 and the other on day 6) and a very red but neat circular scar not much bigger than my nipple was so overall it all looks not bad at all. I just wish they had told me about the risk of nerve pain as I am now partly wishing that I had not gone for the reconstruction due to the pain I am still in.

Okay ladies, look forward to hearing more good news from you and I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas. Mine was quiet and New Year will be the same. I hope you both have a great New Year.

I just feel so exhausted all the time, have been out for a wee jaunt to the shops last week but after about an hour on my feet I get stabbing pains, contractions in my back, boob and my side and if I don’t take note of that and grab a pew then I feel nauseous and faint and go really pale. Am heading out tomorrow with my lovely man to see if that has improved at all over this week, fed up of being cooped up at home but he won’t let me out on my tod, probably right enough of him I guess. Slowly managing to get some household chores done now which takes my mind off the pain and makes me feel less useless.

take care ladies am off to get the evening meal on now,
luvnhugs Carole xxx

Hi Carole
Thank Goodness for that … we were beginning to get worried about you. Sorry to hear that you are having the nerve pain. I guess Lisa has been one of the lucky ones with virtually no pain … gets a few twitches now and again and like you her boob is still quite numb. She still has one part of the nipple area that has a slight dent and looks a bit sore although she says it just looks that way and doesn’t feel sore at all. I think she ought to ask about it … always fearful of infection! She can now lift her arm right up … was quite painful doing the exercises at first but she persevered. She is beginning to feel really well and doesn’t fancy starting the Tamoxifen next week or having the radio and maybe feeling tired etc again.
Anyway this was just to say that we have been thinking about you Carole. I will keep in touch and let you know how Lisa is doing and hope to hear from you too about how you are going along. Will you be on Tamoxifen or similar?
For now with lots of love
Sue & Lisa xx

Hi Sue and Lisa

Sorry I had you worried. Great to hear that Lisa has so little pain, lucky lady, I am a little better today after a very lazy day yesterday. It is less sore the more I rest but I just get so bored sitting about - have the laptop right now on the sofa with my feet on the pouffe!!! My scar where the nipple was is still very red but if you are worried about infection you will generally have some heat along with redness, hopefully Lisa just has a dent which seems to be fairly common, hey I have 2 right now and still a lot of bruising also which seems odd 4 weeks on from the op, the black bruising is gone but I still look very discoloured with purply red bruising still visible. Also have had a lot of skin peeling off too, but I think that was more the allergic reaction to the initial rubberised dressing, they tell me I am allergic to latex now to add to my list ha ha.

I am managing to get my arm almost right up now and manage all the other exercises with a very tight feeling but no increased pain factors. So chuffed to hear that Lisa is feeling pretty well now. What advice was Lisa given regarding driving? My BC nurse said 2 to 3 months which I think is pretty excessive, tho I don’t feel up to it yet, still use a cushion as a passenger anyway. Almost 2 years ago I had a tendon release op to my elbow and was back driving after 7 weeks.

Sue, Lisa, and Julie, I wish you all a Happy New Year in 2008 with vastly improved health.


Re driving Carole … Lisa was back driving after 5 weeks. She was told about 5 to 6 weeks as soon as she felt comfortable doing an emergency stop. As its her right side Lisa wanted to drive as soon as she felt she could pull the steering wheel round OK. which she did. She had a couple of days driving with Simon with her just in case and then it was no holding her back! She hated not being independent while we were all at work.
Happy New Year to you too and to Julie if she is reading this. 2008 and will be brilliant for you both I am sure … lets get 2007 behind us!
Lisa just wants to get this radiotherapy over with now. She will start taking Tamoxifen tomorrow too so will let you know how she gets on.
Lots of Love Sue xx

Hi I found you all again,
carole I wrote to you on the other thread today, so glad to hear that Lisa is doing so well, how is her back now? Im also considering a little jaunt in the car, but its my tingly leg not my boob that worries me, its my clutch leg too! my left arm is ok as it was right boob done. still im a bit nervous, will have a go in a carpark this weekend!
a friend bought me a t shirt with 2 satin fried eggs on the front! so its going to be my chemo clinic t shirt…
happy new year time for t,
thinking of you all
j xxx

Hi Julie
Lisa’s back, where they took the lump from, is still very tender although is healing well. A bit nervous about having tattoos put on for the radiotherapy. She still hasn’t heard about the radiotherapy and is now chasing it up today via the Oncologist’s secretary. Its a month since she saw him and he said it would be straight after Christmas. She is getting worried that it is being left too long. If she hasn’t heard about an appt by Monday she is going to contact Surgeon’s secretary to find out what is happening. She wants to get on with it now. She started taking Tamoxifen two days ago and so far (touching wood) no side effects. She is already having hot flushes from Zoladex implants which she has had since May also gets some joint pain especially first thing in morning. Onc said it was zoladex causing it.
Good luck with the chemo … when is your first one? Lisa had hers all through summer and was not as bad as she had feared … worst was nausea on first night and maybe next day but she kept popping the pills they gave her which really helped… also the odd mouth ulcer but not too bad at all … but she had some really good mouth wash from Dr … DIFLAM. Not like a few years ago when people were physically sick for days and had the most awful mouth ulcers.
Keep in touch and let me know how you go along.
Lots of love Sue & Lisa. xx

hi there,
i hope you get your appointments sorted soon for rads all this waiting when all we want is to get on with it…
my 1st fec is next wednesday, im going to try the cold cap, i used it 18yrs ago on a different regime and it worked so we will see, ive got beanies and caps to the ready tho. i got difflam and corsodyl ready, and im going back to work too! really cant wait im getting stir crazy, theres only so much tidying up you can do in a 1 bed flat! still i feel clear for the new year…
thanks for the advise re taking all the anti emetics etc to get me thru chemo, i ll stick to it, but im not really a pill popper so will hate it,

take care xxxxx love to lisa
julie x

Hi Julie

Wishing you good luck for the chemo, I am lucky to have dodged that so I don’t know much about how you will feel with it Julie. Just hope that it gets rid of it all for you. Like the sound of your t-shirt, fun, we need that for sure. How did you get on with the driving? Back to work too, you trouper, I would like to get out in the car but my other half won’t even let me try yet.

Take care Julie, luvnhugs, Carolexxx