Cyber knife for bone mets

Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone has had cyber knife for multiple bone mets? I’m looking at three areas in my spine but keep getting told I can’t because the cancers in other bones but its my spine that’s causing me pain and discomfort.

Hi Danica. I had Cyberknife back in November 2011 when I was first diagnosed with secondary cancer but I only had one met on the L4 vertebrae. It was treated successfully but I’ve subsequently had progression to multiple bones and Cyberknife isn’t now an option. I think there has to be minimal disease for Cyberknife to be an option. What has your oncologist said?

Cyber Knife is only really effective when there is a very defined area to work on.  I haven’t heard much about it being used for bone mets, but it is used for soft tissue mets, but only if there is a clearly defined target.  As I understand it, CK is a concentrated and more accurate form of radiotherapy which can be aimed directly at the tumour rather than to a general area.  Multiple bone mets wouldn’t really meet the criteria and because it is a more concentrated form of treatment may not be effective.


Has this been offered to you Danica?  Is it something that you have read about?  It might be worth mentioning this to your onc because they should be able to provide you with a better explanation as to whether it would be effective or not.


Vicki xxx

Thanks ladies. Iv been told I can’t have it as its in multiple areas but have read its much better for you than normal radiotherapy. Although I’m still going to pursue this and see if anyone can help me. Was hoping someone had been treated with ck for multiple mets.

Hi Danica. I think one of the issues is the cost of Cyberknife. To treat just one area cost c£19k. Even though I had only 1 met at the time, my radiation oncologist still had to discuss my case to ensure I fulfilled the criteria for treatment before getting approval from my insurance company. What treatment options are you being given?

I’ve had single doses of radiotherapy to my spine and have had long lasting pain relief from it.

I know radiotherapy is not a good thing to have :smileysad: but it’s improved my quality of life. But I hope you can find a solution to your pain issues that you are happy with.

Best Wishes.