Hi ladies

I wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I had a CT scan recently which showed that the lesions in my liver have progressed to double the size (the largest, I have four, from 1" to 2") and my onc has advised six sessions of Taxotere chemo at a reduced strength, as when I had FEC75 two years ago it damaged my heart.

I have asked about cyberknife but they have said it would not prolong my life and it would be better to go down the chemo route. I also have multiple nodes in the lungs and a little in the bones, both areas are stable at the moment.

I know that I am not in the region for funding for this, but have been assured that that is not the reason. My daughter says I should consider a second opinion.

Has anyone had any dealings with Cyberknife? I am seeing the onc on Monday and have to make up my mind whether to go for a second opinion before starting chemo. Can anyone give me some advice please.


Hi Trixie,

If you drop lemongrove a pm she has a wealth of knowledge about this and am sure she would do her best to help you.


Hi Trixie

Sorry you weren’t able to make it down to London, I was looking forward to meeting you,
You seem to be similar to me, I have bone and liver mets and the mediastinol nodes. I was considering asking for cyberknife earlier this year as I had 2 small spots on my liver. When I had the last scan I had a scattering of tiny dots, so cyberknife won’t be suitable for me, I am having to have chemo,(xeloda). I think I have heard that there has to be a maximum number of mets in the liver, I think I have heard somewhere it is 3, and it is dependent on where the mets are in the liver, However lemongrove is the expert on cyberknife and she may be able to tell you the correct information.

I don’t think I second opinion could do any harm, but I guess it depends on how much you trust your oncology team.

Good Luck

Thanks Dawn and Nicky for your prompt replies, and for telling me about Lemongrove. I have pm’d her and hopefully she will be able to give me a bit more information.

I was sorry too not to make the London meet, I would have loved to have met you all, but I am seeing Chris on Tuesday and she will tell me all about it. Hope you all had a lovely time and I hope there will be a chance to meet up with you all in the future.

Trixie x

I have read your pm, and replied by pm. It will be a fairly long read, but hopefully the info will be of help.
Additionally, forgot to mention in my pm, that if you want the contact of someone at Accuray who can let you know about research that’s been done on Cyberknife and it’s efficacy etc, let me know.