Cycle 2 Day 4

Hi ladies! Cycle 2 day 4 and so far up to now apart from fatigue its manageable! Rosy cheeks day though but better than looking pale!

Eating well but picky! Shepherds pie for brekkie again at 8am! Milk when feeling empty!

Sleeping better than first cycle but maybe due to not napping as much during the day! Hope it wears off soon so I can have 2 normal weeks b4 next cycle!

Paracetamol b4 GCSF injections deffo helps! Epsom salts ready for soak in bath if get achy bones from it!

Head bare now but I look kinda cute!
Coconut wax which rubbed into oil on head is nice and soothing and also protects follicles! And all over face and body so dont have dry skin!
Must put lip balm on dry lips every morning and night!

Rinse with mouthwash morning and night to avoid ulcers and sore gums. I stay away from deep fried foods as they give me ulcers! Gentle flossing too!

I think we shouldn’t mind resting indoors on these cold rainy days, I dont think Im missing out on too much! And we have an excuse to be lazy!

Hope my ladies are coping well whatever

Shepherds pie for brekkie again CK !!! Well if that’s what you fancy !! 2 down -well done .Your detailed information will be very helpful and re-assuring to ladies about to start .

Glad you are doing ok CK. I think you will go off Shepherds pie after all this xx

At least the rosy cheeks make you look healthy! Don’t know what I’ll look like though as mine are already rosy!

How do you keep yourself occupied during the day CK? Wondering what I’ll do on the days I haven’t got so much energy.

Weather must just be bad up north, it’s been warm and sunny today in Kent :smileyhappy: xx

I am naturally rosy cheeked too, I will look like a clown on chemo! I have been given loads of colouring books and I bought a jigsaw today but I suspect that I won’t be able to concentrate on. I suspect I will sit on the sofa with a cat in my knee listening to music on Spotify

Hi Jencat
I still do some work on laptop and of I’m tired I just nap and watch TV. As Ive always been on the go, this resting is quite nice!
If I’m feeling ok I will go to Maggies Centre to yoga and meet orher ladies!
I went into work tonight for 3 hours and that was just enough.
New business partner starting tomorrow so I can step back a bit and concentrate on ME!x

Chaffinch my Ginger Cat Merlot seems to know I’m not too well and fas been spending lots of time with me. I wonder if cats can sense it?xx

Maybe the male cats are more caring:)
Melot has been such goid company for my daughter through exams and now me! I dont need a man!!! No arguments! No sulking! No anfer! And no excuses of depression when Im ill! :smiley:

Merlots watching my mum eating! Very greedy!!!?