I have bi-lateral lymphodema and my lymphodema nurse mentioned that cycling would be ok for me. Do you have any advice/experiences to share? I wonder if the braking action could be detrimental, plus having to wheel the bike, etc. 


Thank you :smileyhappy:

hi there, I used to be a keen cycler and my bike is a bit like me at present - slightly rusty, gathering dust, needs a service etc!


My plan is to get the handle bars raised as I definitely don’t think I could bear down weight on my arms ( e.g. I darent do the down dog position). I live in London and regularly see those old fashioned style bikes where you effectively sit upright, do you know what I mean?


My nurse has suggested doing little by little and seeing how it goes. 


Rattles x


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Sorry i haven’t been on here for a while. I too am planning on getting an old fashioned high handle bar bike when I can afford one - the downward pressure on other handle bar types is a real no no according to my lymph nurse. Otherwise the exercise is very good for you,

hope you having fun,