with grandaughter

hi everyone i hope someone can help me, my mum is having chemo now, but i feel a bit concered that she is excreting the drug and being near my 6 year old daughter could be dangerous, i understand that if my mum wears a long sleeve top this will help.

Hi there, I was never told of any dangers about chemo and being near children, though I was warned that you should stay away from the vulnerable for 24 hours following a bone scan, due to the radioactive injection they give you. Did someone tell you that it was dangerous?



I was told the drugs are completely safe inside your body but that if you vomit within twenty four hours you should take extra care and not let anyone, children or pets near the vomit. Similarly, i was told that double flushing when using the toilet was important for the first 48 hours. I haven’t ever been told that the drugs can be excreted in any other way. Carrie

I’m sorry that your mum has bc and it is all very frightening. Often in these situations, we can not remember everything we’ve been told and I’m wondering if this is what has happened in your case.
I have never been told that there is any danger of giving off chemo to others and since I’m on my 5th different type of chemo and I have small children I’m sure I would have been told by now.
As far as I am aware chemo is only excreted in urine, faeces and vomit within the first 24 - 48 hrs and even then it would be broken down. I’m sure if your mum was being sick then your daughter would not be anywhere near her anyway!!
I can not understand how wearing a sleeve would help as the idea of chemo is that it travels to the cancer cells which could be anywhere in the body and is why you get the side effects of nausea, hairloss etc.
As someone else said it is only the radioactivity in bone scans is a risk to children to my knowledge.
The risk is more that your mum could pick up infections from your children - not the other way round!!
I would find out where you got this info from and question them more. You could also use the ‘ask the nurse service’ here who have all the correct and upto date answers.
I hope your mum’s treatment goes well and make sure she contacts her BCN or chemo clinic if she experiences any problems such as sickness, nausea and especially signs of infection like a high temperature.
I wish you all well and having reread my message I sound very hard and not very sympathetic and it wasn’t meant like that.
I truly wish you all the best and if you have any other questions then please feel free to post and get your mum to look at this site as well.

Hi there

I think Kate has given you excellent advice and hope you find it reassuring. As she says I have never ever heard of this danger and I don’t think it is the case at all.

I’m sure your mum and your daughter will want the same kind of physical comfort they have always both been comfortable with.

best wishes


thanks you all so much for reading my message and responding so quickly. I must say from what i have read has really put my mind at ease.

I got this info from one of my mums leftlets about chemo in her pack that was given to her by the hospital.
it has all information about the treatment and side effects etc.

Again thank you all for given me piece of mind and dippy kate i did not in anyway find your message hard at all i was just really pleased that my concern had been answered.
you all sound such lovely people thank you so much, i shall let mum know as well.