Cyst but still concerned

About 6 weeks ago i had a bad pain in my right breast.Felt it but felt nothing.A week later i realised that half my breast was badly bruised,yellow and black.To my knowledge,i had not bumped myself or anything.I went to the doctors the next day.My doctor examined me and said that she felt that there was a ‘thickness’ under the bruise but was probably nothing to worry about but would send me for a scan just to be sure.Two weeks later the thickness had turned into a lump.I went for my scan and they said it was most definitely a cyst.I was so relieved and couldn’t wait to get out and promptly left.Now it’s 2 weeks on since the scan and now i have questions and concerns.I didn’t think to ask at the time i was just so relieved not to hear the C word.Why did i have the huge bruise?Can a cyst cause bruising?Why did the ‘thickness’ change into a lump so quickly and could it continue to change into something more serious?Do cysts remain benign?How did the cyst appear so quickly?Why was there pain before any changes?I hope i’m just worrying about nothing but if anyone can give me any advice or have had similar experiences i would love to know.Thank you for reading.Best wishes everyone x


sorry to hear that you are worrying about this now. I understand you not asking the questions at the time - we are all like that and beleive me if I had been told my lump was just a cyst I would probably just have been so relieved that I wouldn’t have asked anything whilst running for the door myself.

I can’t answer all your questions as althought I know I’ve got a few cysts which showed up on my mammo and US (the woman who did the US said most women have a couple at least) I’ve never had any bruising or problems with them … I left that issue to my big sis and I just went one step further and had BC instead! I know my sister has suffered pain on a number of occassions and she has had some bruising and tenderness - she’s been back and forth to the hospital over the past 6 years or so getting cysts drained (they do this if the deem it necessary and leave others if they are not causing problems). I imgane the thickening turned into a lump because the cyst was filling up with fluid or getting bigger but I would advise that you contact the BC Nurse or your GP - or use the helpline on this site to get answers to your questions and re-assurance.

Thank you Lilac.You’re a sweetheart.I will phone them.Big hugs x

Hi dita1973

You might find it reassuring to read the BCC publication on breast cysts. It can be found by going to the following link:-

As lilac says you could also phone the helpline and talk through some of the questions you have. The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 2pm. The number is free phone 0808 800 6000.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards


Thank you Sam,i did call the helpline and had a very reassuring talk with one of the advisors.Feeling much better and am very grateful so thank you.Much love to everyone on here and all the people on the helpline xxxxx


Am glad you managed to get some reassurance from the helpline. Nothing worse than having questions at the weekend - what starts off as a little niggle soon grows into a full blown worry if you don’t get an answer to it.

Hi Dita

I suffer with loads of cysts and they can see the difference between them and BC on US. Please try not to worry as mine do cause pain at times and yesterday I had three drained!!

I asked what BC looks like and she said as long as they look like a black spot they are cysts.

I had BC in other breast in Feb. Mine never showed on a mammogram but picked up on US.

If they were unsure they usually do a biopsy.

Hope this helps a little and take care

Kay x