Daily Express Article - Koo Stark


Yes, I agree. She should not have brought her cancer into the equation as a platitude; very unprofessional and I’d be tempted to tell her so but then I would!

Anyway, I will mail the gits.


I think this reply was appalling. It makes me feel as angry as the actual report did.

These companies are out to sell newspapers and unfortunately a lot of people rejoice in bad news - if it’s happening to someone else it somehow makes you feel your own situation is better, unkind but there you are. And what about all those celeb mags which want to feature people at their worst? With gigantic pimples on their noses, their pants off etc

I gave up reading the News of the World which we used to call the News of the Screws - sorry moderator, after they exposed a famous gay man I can’t remember the name of, just felt they were glorying in his wanting to keep it quiet. Well why shouldn’t he?/

It’s not known as the gutter press for nothing


I saw that article and to be honest I still think she looks lovely. These newspaper constantly do this sort of thing. We live in a society where it seems to be the mortal sin to get older as a woman, or put on the slightest bit of weight. It’s bad enough having to go through this flaming disease and the surgery and all the stress that goes with it, without putting up with this sort of crap.

To Starfish

By the way I’ve just seen your comments regarding the whole mastectomy and recon side of things. I had bilateral mastectomies and immediate reconstruction done in May 2005. I live just outside Newcastle upon Tyne. I didn’t need any chemo or rads as I was told it a a Grade 2 lobular, no node involvement and as I opted to have second breast taken off prophylactically, I think they thought that the radical surgery combined with the other factors meant that chemo and rads wasn’t deemed necessary. I would say however, after getting an initial infection and ending up loosing the implants for a few months, until inflaters done, that if I had my time over, I would probably give my body a chance to heal first and then have reconstruction maybe a few months to a year later. Some people obviously have to anyway if they are having chemo or rads. I was told I could have immediate. Implants still not perfect, got to have some liposuction done later inthe year to fill out creases that have now formed along the top of the implants. They gave me a date a few weeks ago, but I bottled out, ha ha. Was worried that something might go wrong, but I will have it done eventually.