Daily Express Headlines - HRT can Prevent BC!

While sitting on the train today, I looked up and noticed the headlines of the Daily Express this morning. The headline states that HRT can PREVENT Breast Cancer. I have not read the article as it was someone elses paper, but I am a little confused as it has been hinted that HRT was more than likely the cause of my mums cancer.

Has anyone else read this today?

there’s something about this article somewhere else but it seems that HRT may benefit women with the BRAC1 gene

Yes I read part of that article and it is aimed at women who have the BRAC1 gene. I had to have a look as HRT seems to have been involved with my bc. I do wish the paper and tv would not use such headlines.

This is the link to the article if anyone is interested.


Ok ladies we should know better now than to speculate about anything the Express or Mail has to say as they are guilty of sensationalist headlines, contraditory stories and scaremongering. There are numerous threads on this site about headlines in these soon to be chip paper alledged peices of quality journalism. My advice is to ask the professionals and even more professionals to get a balanced and un biased opinion.

I have BRCA1 and have being told under no circumstances am I to have HRT and that came from the professionals. Currently being treated for IDC ER+.
What is the point of being advised to have ovaries removed or taking Tamoxifen to then replace with HRT, isn’t that defeating to object of having surgery or hormone therapy in the first place?

After my hysterectomy and removal of ovaries last summer, could have done with HRT, but have, like others, been told in no shape or form can I have HRT. The papers print alot of crap, and next week another one will be giving something conflicting advice. Papers are a bit like some people, best not to take any notice!!!

I agree Julie - someone somewhere is always going to come out with some half-baked theory about what causes or contributes to breast cancer… more often than not they have got their hands on half a sentance which they then add a load of guff to and speil it out as ‘fact’ and scare the living daylights out of everyone.

At the end of my rads treatment I had a discussion with a very knowledgeable bc nurse and she summed it up nicely - there are hundreds of theories about why ppl develop BC but the only undeniable ‘fact’ as to why I, and others, had breast cancer was because we had breasts.

This is not a ‘half baked theory’ nor is it just the Express.

Most newspapers this week have reported on this new and interesting piece of research carried out at University of Toronto and published in the reputable Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

There have been properly conducted studies in the past which have established a link between HRT and er+ pr+ cancer in post menpausal women. This new piece of research shows something rather different: it finds that in women with the BRCA1 gene HRT may in fact reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

What this piece of research shows is the need for further research and invetsigation. It also shows how complicated the risk factors and causes of breast cancer are. I don’t know how well grounded this particular study was because I haven’t read about the methods, size of sample and other factors important in research of this kind.

When I read any article in the press about breast cancer I always try out find out more…like who did the research, was it published in a proper peer reiewed jounral (thast where sceintists review each otherrs work), what does this information add to present knowledge? what more information is needed?

BCC: it would be great to see you writing a leaflet on understanding research and press reports…something like your excellent understanding your path report publication. Any thoughts?


So why are we continually told we can’t take HRT. Are they going to turn around in a year and tell us that all along we could have been taking it, or is it just certain breast cancers. It just getting terribly confusing.

As I read it only BRCA1 carriers would benefit.


Most of the resaerch has shown that HRT increases risk of bc, but this piece of reserach which has focused on BRCA1 carriers (people who have one of the genes…ie. about 5% of women) has found something different.


We have to realise that there are many kinds of breast cancer and so there are many different approaches that are needed to it, and no doubt many different causes.


quote “BCC: it would be great to see you writing a leaflet on understanding research and press reports…”

Yes Jane, I’ll second that!

Should this be written with particular reference to the UK, I wonder? Research is valid wherever it is performed, but availability of treatments for those of us in UK who need them - that’s very different.


There is a very interesting report AND interptretation of this research on the american ‘sister’ site to this one: