Daily Mail article on reconstruction

Yesterday’s Daily Mail ran an article titled ’ Why aren’t cancer patients being told their breasts can be saved?’ It covers most aspects of reconstruction and should be a great help to many.

I was very pleased to find that it focused on a lady who had her mastectomy and immediate reconstruction at age 60. I had mine last year at age 60 and wondered if I was being vain and silly, but did not get that reaction from anyone. Are there any more reconstructed ‘silver surfers’ out there?

The article can be read online if anyone wants to follow this up.

No its not at all vain and silly to have a reconstruction at any age.

But I do wish that when there are articles on reconstruction they would also cover the fact that sometimes reconstructions are not successful and also that some of us choose in a positive way not to have reconstruction. One of the Daily Mail’s recent articles (which are mainly good) quoted research showing that women who have reconstruction are more likely to have highter self esteem afterwards than women who don’t…that irritated me.

Reconstruction is great for those who want it…but you can live happily without one and I do (shame about the cancer but that’s another story!)


Hmm, I read this article too.

I’m really happy for those of you who choose to and can have immediate recon. I would have loved to be able to do this or even to be offered delayed recon as I know I would have felt better.

However I found myself upset that it wasn’t until the second from last para in this article that it was stated that recon is not always possible, should you wish it, or indeed wanted by everyone.

Sometimes these articles are so thoughtlessly put together.

Jackie x

Hi abismum

I also had my mastectomy and immediate reconstruction at age 60. I was offered the choice at my appointment with the consultant.


Hi All

I had an DIEP in Nov 08 (i’m 44) and my Mum was so impressed and is now having reconstruction at 67 although Surgeon recommended expander option rather than the DIEP, I say go with what ever makes you happy its a very personal choice.

We did ask for a discount BOGOF option!!! only joking both NHS patients!!!



I found the article highly irritating. Words to the effect that you can come out of the operation with your femininity still in tact. Mine is still in tact thanks very much, even with my unreconstructed mastectomy!

I am 60 and had immediate reconstruction, well I was 58 at the time. I don’t think I would have been given the option if I had had to undergo rads, but mine was a recurrence and its not possible to have them twice in same area.

Maybe I should have done but to be honest I didn’t give it much thought, it seemed like a good idea. I hadn’t heard of these forums at the time, otherwise I would have probably asked a few questions.

I don’t think age has anything to do with it, its what we feel comfortable with.


I asked about immediate recon and was told that i may need rads and would not be allowed to have the recon until 12 months later. but i was wondering if i could have the rads before surgery. makes sense to me but what would i know i am new to all of this.

Thanks to everyone who has commented.

Hi chris,
I was told originally that I would not need any other treatment after mastectomy, so could have immediate recon. if nodes were clear. The nodes were clear and I went ahead with the mx and recon. (extended LD ie.no implant). When I saw the oncologist he offered either chemo or rads. neither gave me much of a % but I settled for the rads. because the tumour was close to the skin and chest wall, and have had 14 out of 25 so far. I also had a scare because the lab said there was not enough skin to check after the mx and I had another op to take a wider circle for testing. I was told I may have to lose the recon. if the skin was involved. I hope that the recon will be ok, the surgeon says it should be as it is all my tissue, it is better slightly cooked than not there!
The rads. are done after the mx to get rid of any stray cells that may have escaped.

Good luck with whatever you have done.

AS usual I felt that the Daily Mail failed to give all sides to the story, immidiate reconstruction can only be offered to some patients, due to other teatments, personally going through, chemo and rads is bad enough with out having major surgery to deal with and the recovery from that. For these reasons my surgeon didnt even consider it. I suppose if you are not having rads and loads of chemo then immidiate recon should be an option.
My main gripe is the one sided way the daily mail has handled this story ( i hate the rag)