Daily Telepraph 29th August 2008

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I REALLY hope ths moderator will allow this link:


If not, go to the Daily Telepgraph website and type " breast cancer" into their search engine.

There is a new article there today, which makes interesting reading.


Thanks for that Bahons - this is a lot clearer than the report on the BBC health pages and the one The Times today. I had trouble understanding what the BBC were getting at tbh.

Very interesting article.


thank you for placing the link here. good article.


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Yes, I agree - interesting article, with some equally interesting onward links, too.

What a huge jigsaw this rotten disease is! But the pieces seemed to be getting put together more and more quickly these days.



I’m a complete science numpty. Reading this section, I wondered about initial surgery:

“Follow-up research suggested that dissemination of normal breast cells can account for metastatic relapse in breast cancer patients (a hypothetical situation, at present), we would argue that treatment strategies should aim to compromise viability and/or proliferation of normal breast cells, and not just breast tumour cells.”

Does this mean we would all be better with double mastectomies at diagnosis, or would some have these “Normal” breast cells have spread already?

I’d be grateful if anyone with a scientific brain would translate this article into idiot reading for me!

I read it to mean that the cells had spread even before diagnosis, and seem normal but go on to become cancerous…so a double mast wouldn’t solve it if so