Dairy free diet for hormone triggered breast cancer?

Lots of different views on this. Can anyone recommend a good Breast Cancer dietician?

Hi howell,
Probably stating the obvious here, so apologies if I am. I would have thought any professionally regsitered dietician would be able to advise on the clinical evidence for this.
Anyone can call themselves a ‘nutritionist’ as it’s not professionally regulated, hence sometimes dubious claims are made from those calling themselves such, so as you suggest, its good to be sceptical.
All local areas would have a dietetics service & your gp service will be able to advise.

The oncology dieticians at my hospital say there is no evidence that you should avoid dairy entirely but they recommend taking low fat options (e.g. choose skimmed milk) and also organic if possible to avoid products from cows fed antibiotics, hormones etc in conventional farming.  Hope that is helpful.