daisypink is unwell

I had a text from Jakki last week to say she had finished her chemo and was waiting for a scan but otherwise OK and then yesterday got a text saying she’d gone into hospital on saturday night with a temperature of 39 and has a nasty chest infection and feeling very poorly.
I thought I’d posted this somewhere but couldn’t find it so have reposted.
Poor girl - hope she gets better soon. It’s been such a hard slog for her to get through this current boout of chemo and to become ill at the end of it seems really unfair.
Wishing her a speedy recovery and hope she is being looked after well.

Please wish Daisypink a speedy recovery from me and I’m really sorry to hear that she’s so unwell.
It’s good to see you posting again Kate and thanks for letting us know about Daisypink.
Best wishes and hugs to you Daisy
Ruby xx

Jakki, I am so sorry to hear that you are unwell.
I will keep my fingers crossed that you make a speedy recovery, and that your back online soon to tell us all that you are well.

Kate, thank you for letting us know about Jakki.


Hi Kate

Thanks so much for posting for me… I am still in hospital, they have allowed me my laptop since i am in isolation with no TV or Phone!! So, i can pick up the internet through my mobile phone dongle.

Thanks too to Julie and Ruby for your wishes too. Julie - i had wondered how you were getting on since we were on the same regime… do tell me…

Just to put you in the picture…i finished my chemo last Tuesday 18th November (they reduced my dose as my bloods were not recovering) and had got a scan booked for the 24th and an Oncology appt for the results on the 8th Dec. Well - i started to get a little cough on the friday and then saturday night i went to bed feeling a little rough with the little cough that had turned now quite chesty… i woke up early hours sunday feeling sick, feeling hot and coughing, I crawled to the loo and just collapsed onto the bathroom tiles trying to cool off on them, then dragged myself back into bed, took my temperature which was 38.1 (hoping it would all go away). anyway, i couldnt bear the thought of going into hospital, so i tried to get back to sleep, i couldnt, my mom got up and made me a drink and was umming and arghing whether to phone the chemo ward. I said no, wait a bit, we will see if my temperature comes down first (who was i kidding??)

well it didnt and i was getting really poorly by now coughing, struggling to breathe and my temp went up to 39 so my mom phoned the chemo ward to be told she will have to come to A & E and be seen, having sat there many times before,there was no way i was going to sit there all night waiting, so she called 999 and an ambulance came. So they bought me to my local hospital, which i have to say is so much better and they have treated me golden. I had an xray on my chest, which ruled out pnuemonia, they said i had a nasty chest infection and that i was neutropenic. My white cells were 1.1 and my neutrophils were 0.7. this is despite having GCSF injections the day after chemo. I’m on IV anti biotics.

So i am in isolation, just me, my laptop and moby and lots of magazines and books! I do feel a hell of a lot better than i did on sunday, i thought i was going to die, i really did… it scares me now thinking about it as i cant remember most of it as i was so delerious…

At the moment i’m having a platelet transfusion as my platelets are only 17! I have to have another one tomorrow, plus 3 units of blood. I have also got to switch anti biotics as my blood is showing that the infection is not being tackled by the anti b’s that i’m being given so they are going to change them. This is probably because ive had so many iv anti biotics my body has got used to them by now.

So my scan will have to be rescheduled to see if my last regime of chemo worked… i am praying it has as i dont think my body is in any fit state to take anymore!

I will hop it now, thanks again Kate for posting for me… do tell me how you are… i believe you are out of hospital now??? keep well!

lots of love


Hi Jak,
I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time. We were in touch as on the same chemo. I have finished at last. The last scan showed there is no new growth in my lungs although the liver is questionable, whatever that means!

Now apart from being completely exhausted by the slightest thing I have a terrible cough that is driving me slightly bonkers.

I hope you are feeling better soon, and are not too bored in hospital.

Take care

Jak - so glad you’ve got your laptop and internet access, It made such a big difference to me when I was in the bay with the wifi access as I felt part of the world again.(Strange world - this cyber world but seems almost important as the real one).
I know I’ve lost part of the time I was in hospital with a temp of 39 and also things that happened before like why did I miss that train on the friday before I was admitted and let 2 young children cross Waterloo station to get on a train to find their dad and sister without me even as much check they were heading the right way. Most of saturday doesn’t exist and then after my breathing collapse, great chunks are missing and still are as I’ve forgotten plans and conversations so rather concerned. Physically, I’m off oxygen most of the time now and can manage the stairs slowly and that restriction in my throat has gone after the restart of taxol so can eat toast again.
This afternoon, hubby, myself and my mobility scooter went shopping. It’s the first time in 4 weeks I’ve been to the shops so was very happy. Got overtired and spent the rest of afternoon and evening in bed. I’ve got a really sore bum from all this sitting and losing weight so have got a special air cushion from the OT and I’m having to use that which really helps. Doesn’t feel right to be getting pressure sores at 46!!
But - this is your thread and now I’ve hijacked it - sorry.
Sorry about the platelets - it’s really been a problem for you hasn’t it and the blood transfusions. That should perk you up as well.
Good that thye know what antibiotics to give you but a bummer they initially chose the wrong ones. Shame they had to reschedule the Ct scan. Not sure how I’d feel about that - someways I’d be relieved as it gives more time if do need more treatment but worried that if it hadn’t worked and didn’t know.
Hopefully after the correct antibiotics, you’ll pick up really quickly and be at home again. Then it’s a question of taking it easy.
must go - carer here in morning and then ambulance to chemo as I’ve got oxygen and hospital car drivers are not allowed to take oxygen cylinders so feel a bit daft having to go in an ambulance. Hope they turn up on time.
Get better quick and hope you get your broadband sorted when you get home as the boards miss you.
Love Kate

hi Jak

Glad to read you are feeling so much better and wish you a speedy recovery

Enjoy the rest!

Love FB xx

Hi Jak
you must be so bored but at least you have your laptop - I’ve spent quite a lot of time in isolation like you and it gets really boring. I hope they manage to sort out the correct antibiotics for you really quickly so that you being to pick up - what a horrible and scarey time for you. I’ve posted a funny story about an incident that happened last night on another thread called Terrified if you fancy reading it - something to keep you busy and amused for a few minutes. Hope all the transfusions go smoothly for you.
Thinking of you and sending you hugs
Rubyx xxxx

Poor Jakki is still in isolation with no TV and missing her dog terribly. She feels OK but the team won’t let her out till her wbc is 4. She’s not in the cancer hopital but is under a haematology/medical team and I found they just don’t understand chemo. I had a similar experience in march and 140 miles away from home.
Hope you get out soon = I’d organise a kidnap if I knew where you were.
Love Kate

Kate - bless you… you make me laugh!!! however… no need to organise the kidnap…

I’m out! they let me out today, thankfully!

I am so pleased to be home with my family, my dog and most of all in my own bed!!!

thanks to all who replied.

Love to all


Good to hear you are home Jak…Belinda…x