Date for results

Well, I have a date for my results now - next Thurs, 20th at 3.30pm (handy for school !!) Hopefully I will have something definate to explain why me boob is W shaped!

The WLE is taking it’s time to heal - still needs a dressing and the whole boob itches like ***** !! - I seem to be sensitive to whatever dressing they put on. Some Aloe Vera helps - hopefully I’ll be able to gert the dressing off tomorrow. Other than that no prbls which is great. Enjoying not doing the ironing and hoovering and lots of reading!


Tinkers x

Hi Tinkers

I had my WLE 3 years ago (July) and the scars have healed really well, can hardly see them at all but there is a definite incline where the incision was on my left breast. Reading your post reminded me of that dreadful itching, didn’t have any problems with pain or such, did have a stitch that wouldn’t dissolve, it was there for weeks and then one day just disappeared. But that itch, couldn’t scratch it so I used to tickle it with a feather!!! Sounds strange but it worked. Do you have bad bruising around the breast and did you have any nodes removed - my under arm was all colours of the rainbow and took quite a while to go but it didn’t cause any problems. Unless you look very hard you would never know I had had surgery.

Hope your itching goes soon, try the feather and see if it works.

Love K

Forgot to say, wish you well for next Thursday, the waiting I think is the hardest time of all.

Love K

Hi Kelly - I’ll try a feather then, LOL!!! The bruising isn’t bad at all - but the itching radiates out. I had to see the practice nurse on Tues for more dressings etc and went for lunch with my mum after. We had to find a discrete spot in the cafe so I could have a sneeky scratch now and then. The nipples been the worst - I just wanted to pinch it! No nodes done yet - the WLE was to check area (core biopsy showed nothing at all, but the surgeon says the mammo and my presentation would be malignant or scar tissue) - If the results aren’t good they will decide about nodes then.

I think I have now become resigned to waiting - this all started 1st July!! Which is ages away. I peaked with my waiting worry just before the so called “one stop shop” appointment (LOL!!) and then actually trying to get the appointment for the stero core biopsy results - got the letter 11 days after (biopsy 18th July - appt 14th Aug!). As a term time worker I have had the summer holidays waiting for appointments, went back to work for 2 days and then off sick now!! Mind you the sun has come out - hubby bought a swing seat thing in the sales and I’ve been enjoying a good book out in the garden whilst little one at school. Can’t be bad!